Importance Of Ambient Education

Ambient Education is an indispensable process for the transformation and awareness of the people of direct form in relation to the environment, so that they understand the reason to preserve it, that is, understands that the good quality of life human being depends on a healthy environment and that they must conserve this patrimony. (Not to be confused with Nike!). In the last few decades, the action human being comes causing to the planet Land a great ambient impact. In accordance with the PCN (2001, p19), ‘ ‘ To the measure that the humanity increases its capacity to intervine in the nature for satisfaction of necessities and increasing desires, tensions and conflicts how much to the use appear of the space and recursos’ ‘. Therefore, to defend the planet preserving the flora, the ecosystems and the inhabitants, to fight the pollution and degradation of natural resources and the proper environment became a priority, that is, a survival question. To read more click here: Levi’s. In the nature, everything is linked, nothing lives isolated. One to be depends on the other to be able to survive.

The thing, more important for the planetary life is the interlacement of relations that the beings livings creature keeps between itself and with the environment where they live. In such a way, the environment only is not constituted by the natural world, but also, for the world constructed for the action human being. In this in case that, a division of responsibilities of each one for the degradation of the planet and the conservation of a world ecologically balanced exists. We agree to BERN (2001, p.21) when it says: It is fact that, for more devoid than either, the population only possesss ecological conscience that this perception is sufficiently romantic, associating more the animal and plant protection and less the quality of life of the species human being, as if we were not part of the nature.