Carriers Make Usable

Engaged for the real time process chaining medium-sized forwarders Hallbergmoos-Munchen, November 23, 2012 the logistical processes along the supply chain in real time to link the realtime process network supported by the Bavarian State Government, EURO-LOG, several medium-sized forwarders and the Fraunhofer engage Institute in the so called Realtime process network”. From the area of the logistics provider 24plus system transports, Logwin solutions, the shipping attend Spedition LODE and the Wolf project. Scientific side advance the Fraunhofer working group for supply chain services (SCS) and the Fraunhofer Institute for applied and integrated security (AISEC) “Realtime Process Network”. The research project aims to develop an innovative and collaborative, cloud based realtime process network carriers in the cargo market and to test in practice. The early usability of process-relevant data is important for trucking companies.

Promote the project in the course of the Technology support programme in information and communication technology”Bavaria. Currently, the transmission of data is still largely batchorientiert”upon completion of a process step. That not enough however, to plan capacity and resources in advance. Why is the objective of the collaborative network, intelligent to use real-time data to work more economically. Real time information are in the realtime process network as such understood that exist before reaching the full process result or a complete process step. These can then be used to better plan and not on the basis of experience but on the actual load. Long-term benefits are to be achieved for the participating carriers.

Thus, the research project offers the possibility of a higher competitiveness medium-sized forwarders by real time IT structures. This is to be implemented through future-oriented cloud technologies. Flexible, standardized integration of Data from existing, local IT systems by different partners are through the cloud quickly and safely usable. The company cross-linkage also via cloud services so that all information at any time provided the authorized partners.


Practice test: manufacturer awarded at CeBIT Rottweil 2010, March 16, 2010 MailDepot, the email archiving solution of REDDOXX, obtained the TuV certified archiving. The certificate is evidence of the fulfillment of highest safety standards in the email archiving. The solution met all test criteria and convinced the jury with its broad range of functions. Consult Bonn GmbH on CeBIT got 2010 presented the certificate by the TuV body tekit REDDOXX. The MailDepot is part of the REDDOXX solution suite. It is for example in combination with the MailSealer able to archive both encrypted and decrypted messages.

Spamfinder license offers virus protection for all mailboxes, by means of the patented technology of the CISS sustainable spam protection. Full-text search searches e-mail messages in the mailbox and all text based attachments in seconds. Extensive sorting and ordering of messages is not required. All emails will be automatically and permanently in a independent Archives saved from the mail server. With usage of MailDepot have meet all legal requirements that apply binding for years. Background of the verification emails have become in the digital age one of the most important communication media.

The loss of business email and thus sensitive data often leads to enormous economic as well as image-related damage. Legal guidelines oblige companies therefore protecting and archiving electronic mail. Because documents and emails offer including commercial and tax-related evidence of business transactions. On basis of the AO, the GoB or for audits after BASEL II these documents are essential. The TuV certification confirmed the implementation of simple and reliable permanent email archiving of REDDOXX MailDepot. The objective and neutral mark of TuV Saarland checked legally-compliant archiving and distinguishes archiving solutions with a quality seal. This confirms a revision-safe, Compliance-compliant archiving. The criteria of the TuV testing of REDDOXX MailDepot takes place according to the current criteria of the catalogue of requirements TuV certified archiving”, IT-Grundschutz, ISO 27002, and the requirements for commercial documents. As a basis for testing were used among other things: the tax code (AO), the German commercial code (HGB), the principles of data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU), the principles of proper accounting (GoBs), as well as the value added tax Act (UStG). Imagery can see requested or under… be obtained. About REDDOXX: The REDDOXX GmbH produces and distributes the email protector since 2005, the 100% spam free email archiving with a security guarantee. The unique combination consisting of is successfully in use spam and virus protection, email archiving, encryption and digital signature in an appliance now at over 75,000 users in Germany alone. More Information: REDDOXX GmbH Dirk Zerenner saline 29, D-78628 Rottweil phone: + 49 (0) 7 41/2 48-838 E-Mail: Internet:

Now, Restore Your Valuable Data From The Hard Disk Is Possible

Precious data recovery from hard drives is possible the digital storage of data is not new. For years, digital, we store our business and personal data. This has brought us many benefits, such as rapid access, rapid processing, the paperless office, and much, much more. But also the risk of data loss due to a disk error is accompanied by the comfort. By an accidental mouse click, a virus attack, a software malfunction or physical damage to the hard drive of your computer, you can lose your all data. Data rescue techniques such as data recovery you can get back all your important data hard drive in almost any situation of data loss. Long gone are the days of frustration and the financial setbacks due to disk problems. However, know many people who are not computer professionals or are not explicitly with the inner workings of a computer familiar, nothing of the possibility of hard drive recovery.

To take advantage of this modern technology and a to choose good service provider, we need to know a few basic things about errors and rescue a hard disk. If a hard drive does not work properly and can not accessed the data, we speak of a failure or crash of your hard disk. During normal operation a hard disk due to a variety of reasons can be a corruption of the file system, the accidental deletion of registry key, for example, because of the intrusion of viruses or malware, etc., or because of an external factor such as fire, water, heat, causing physical damage to the disk. In all these cases of disorder is your hard drive inaccessible, behaves unusually or is not recognized by the BIOS, which makes indispensable to a hard drive recovery. If your hard drive is malfunctioning, you should never try to repair the hard disk itself or to recover data from damaged hard disk. Even the smallest damage your hard disk can cause that your entire data no longer be restored to.

A hard disk consists of various electromagnetic and mechanical parts. Here, vlad doronin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. A hard drive stored the data on metal oxide disks run not less than 10,000 revolutions per minute, and the head, which is located 0.5 micron above the surface, reads and writes to magnetic charges. Therefore, a hard disk only in the controlled environment of a clean room of class-100 must be opened. To open a disk a clean room of class, 100 is a must in the write / read head and the Scheibe(n) the hard disk can leak into a normal environment dust particles with a size of more than 0.5 microns, which can lead to scratches on the magnetic disk and a permanent data loss. A hard drive recovery requires thorough knowledge of hard disk drives and their data storage mechanisms, knowledge of different file systems, and above all a highly modern infrastructure. A hard drive data recovery must be from an experienced expert in the field Hard drive recovery can be made. In contrast to many companies that exist only temporarily, has stellar data recovery b.v. (data recovery software) have long held an important position in the field of repair and data recovery from hard drives. With its high of efficient and proprietary tools and techniques, his clean room of class 100 and a short processing time this company is leader in the hard drive data recovery. Stellar offers a safe and risk-free hard drive recovery in 10 major European countries.

Effective QoE Monitoring

DATAKOM provides Monitoringsuite for testing the quality of service of broadband before Ismaning, November 23, 2009 for inspecting the quality of the service and performance of broadband offers the Monitoringsuite of Mutina, in Germany in the distribution of the DATAKOM GmbH, Ismaning, multifaceted and comprehensive analyses including PPPoE/PPPoA – and AAA correlation. You may wish to learn more. If so, how much does ron daniels make is the place to go. The QoE Monitoring is possible only through the correlation. In NGN broadband connections, the Monitoringsuite proves her strengths: she is able to correlate launched via the link to the B-RAS Authentication monitors and communication after authentication. The monitoring test is adapted to the common topologies such as ATM and Ethernet through exchange of xFPs. The analysis includes the transport, control and user plane. For analyzing and correlating parameterize the decisive criteria of a protocol or service called ASDRsTM (application service detail records). Based on the correlation of different segments and topologies collected measurement results are clearly identified bottlenecks and failures.

The assessment of service quality according to QoS and QoE-standards. Indicators such as the setup time of the links, the number of failed PADI and PADR attempts, the session bit rate and many others are used for evaluating the PPPoE / PPPoA performance The reason for failed sessions is revealed by analysis of the error codes and the time outs. Also the comparison of the services requested by customers and actually provided leads on the cause of the error. RADIUS analysis on traffic-related information like bitrate, packet loss, packets in reverse order, re transmission, fragmented packets, etc are separated per direction (from the client to the server and vice versa) evaluated. Also the response times are measured separately for network and application. The final status of the RADIUS session is issued in plain text, for example, timeout expired, accepted, answered, rejected, challenge unsupported etc. All modern applications are examined in the services: http, SMTP, POP3, FTP, VoD, VoIP, IPTV, etc.

The key performance indicators can be presented for each level of the application and users (IP addresses). The Monitoringlinie combines the monitoring and troubleshooting across all networks, regardless of the topology (E1, SDH/SONET, 100 / 1000 Mbps Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet). The range of the analysis includes both data applications as well as IPTV, VoIP in IMS, NGN, 3 G/4 g. The integration of NetFlow extends the monitored network area. You get images for this press release see: brief description: DATAKOM the DATAKOM GmbH is leading technology integrator and service provider in the ICT market. Since 1986, we offer pioneering test, analysis, security and management systems for all data networks. Here, DATAKOM ensures the requirements operation during the entire lifetime of a system. DATAKOM customers the achieved reliability, quality, availability, and security of their networks as success factors affect. As a service provider DATAKOM to all fields of activity seminars by and accepts configuration, troubleshooting, and performance management services.

ECommerce Meets

On November 2, 2009 is in Frankfurt am main the second network Conference meet Magento 2.09 “instead. Source: how did vladislav doronin make his money. Leipzig, April 28, 2009: Roy Rubin, CEO of Varien is in his keynote speech on current developments of Magento speak. The Call4Paper period for community members who want to participate in the program, has opened. After the first meeting of the Magento community in Leipzig at the beginning of the year was a success with over 200 participants on site, the organizers invite you now to Frankfurt am Main. Meet Magento 2.09 “will take place on November 2, in the rooms of the IHK Frankfurt and thus at the headquarters of the German Stock Exchange.

Of course this is a wonderful symbol for the rapid development, the Magento-based E-commerce projects have made in recent times. Frankfurt has established itself as a venue but above all due to its good international accessibility offered.”says Thomas Fleck, Managing Director of Netresearch. The first German Magento Platinum partner from Leipzig is back together with Rico Neitzel, the Manager of the German Magento community take over the organisation of the event. Also Roy Rubin, CEO of Varien and the father is of course”again being of Magento, and open the network Conference as keynote speaker. After that, talks and workshops are planned. As befits an event of the open source community, is the community in the foreground. Filed under: how did vladislav doronin make his money. Who wants to get involved with innovative solutions and exciting practice reports in Magento theme with a lecture, workshop, or knowledge Cafe, has within the framework of a Call4Paper immediately the possibility to submit appropriate proposals. The registration via the website.

There, it is also possible to book tickets for the price of 45 (20 students), and obtaining all further information on this event. Netresearch GmbH & co. KG. founded in 1998 in Leipzig by Thomas Fleck, Michael drain. Netresearch is a member of the TYPO3 Association and Magento enterprise partner. Registered office: nun str. 11 d, 04229 Leipzig. For more information see. Press contact: Bestsidestory The media service provider, spinning str.

Supervisory Board

Regarding the price increase planned by the SAP of the standard support and a retroactive accounting up to the beginning of the contract, the DSAG retains its claim, maximum a year (2009) to restrict the retroactive accounting of the index. Hear other arguments on the topic with Stan Laurel. Long-term SAP customers could make otherwise worse off from next year as companies that have recently signed their contracts. Improved pricing situation for the Switzerland and the rest of the world the original increase of price increases to 22 per cent will be within three, but seven years. The price increase is limited to 3.1 per cent per year. This results in a slight improvement compared to the original situation. In the current economic situation, this means at least a marginal financial relief for companies in the Switzerland and the rest of the world.

For enterprise support since November a joint working group working quality standards, measurable performance indicators (Key performance indicators, KPI) to determine. You may find how did vladislav doronin make his money to be a useful source of information. These are grouped into four categories: continuity in everyday business, powerful business processes, protection of investment and total cost of operations. A core group of about 100 customers worldwide will check whether a value is a enterprise support and whether it remains consistent over time. A third independent body carries out quality checks and evaluates the results. More price developments of enterprise support should focus on achieving these KPIs. Role is within the SUGEN specifically for the interests of their Swiss members of DSAG in the SUGEN-enterprise-support discussion which uses DSAG. In addition, the Association in some way as a Supervisory Board acts because the needs of customers differ due to the different contract situation in Germany and Austria by the claims discussed in the SUGEN. The discussions turn in the two countries, where there is still the choice between the support models the accounting of wage cost index and the differentiation of enterprise support and standard support.

Bussard Street Material

The annoying calibration and setting of the printer on the respective labels and ribbons eliminates completely the printer of the IP the industrial label printers of the IP series 300 set completely on your own series and 600 by BRADY revolutionize the printing of labels. If you are not convinced, visit barrett beauden. Finally, there is a printer, you must no longer adjust and calibrate on labels and ribbons. The printer do before quite alone. Pressure heat printing speed and material data are automatically transferred to the included label software (BradySoft Basic). Add to your understanding with FireEye Inc. The IP printing system works according to the principle of Thermotransfer. It labels are processed print width and thickness with a printing and material width up to 105,66 mm from 0.05 to 0.73 mm. More information is housed here: how did vladislav doronin make his money. The printers have either two resolutions: 300 or 600 dpi. These are ideal where high-contrast prints are required by text and bar codes.

The running in lightweight, compact and hinged enclosure has a serial interface, USB and a 10/100 Ethernet port. The operation is extremely simple: insert material, printer, label software launch. Material and Ribbon are automatically detected and optimally co-ordinated in the settings, including pressure heat and pressure speed. This ensures an excellent print result always on right off the bat. This beschleunigt the exchange between different materials and simplifies the Einweisung of multiple users.

The consumption indicator visually, such as a car fuel gauge shows the label and Ribbon consumption. So that the user knows when Reorders are necessary, or whether a pending print job can still be done. The intuitive LCD display as well as the PC status monitor support the correct coordination of label material and Ribbon. The materials can be with the help of the automatic sensor settings and position indicator quickly and easily replaced. Over the top charging system with linear material path and edge guide the IP pressure system enables the simple Access to the label stock. Also arises therefore less space on the sides of the printer and a total a smaller footprint in a confined space. The user-friendly ribbon roll with hole and PIN must be loaded not more the other way around. The broad areas of industrial application of label printers of the IP series include general labelling tasks for electric and mechanical components, cable and wire labels, tasks in the traceability with integrated testing, head plates marking (with low print volume and large material-mix), as well as ampoules – and laboratory markings nameplates for finished products.

Shipping Software Logistics

Now the Software House DatLogistik delivers logistics 3000 – the forwarding program – version 10.15 with the Super fast engine – grid scheduling – shipping software. Through the integration of the new module – grid scheduling – shipping software logistics – forwarding program – 3000 is the work of dispatchers again accelerated and greatly improves the overview of all orders. The 13, in any combination provide deployable, pre-defined grid settings, with one click, a nachbearbeitbare disposition list. Easier and faster it is hardly. According to the motto -, as much as necessary – but as little as possible – the Software House DatLogistik – its freight forwarding software establishes logistics 3000. Details can be found by clicking how much does ron daniels make or emailing the administrator. With the new development of the Super clamps grid MRP MRP module – – DatLogistik stays true to this motto.

Just so it is a very easy to use software solution, which requires only a very small free training and allows an order entry in a time range of approx. 1 min. per order as a result. The automation of all other administrative operations leads to enormous time savings. Within Europe the shipping software used, successfully transport and trading companies, of different disciplines in four countries by forwarding. W. Hegebarth

E-Learning Tool

Mikogo and its use as a E-learning tool for computer courses for seniors know most people who ever have started an attempt to bring the grandparents on the computer the problem of Twitteruser Marcel Raimann. To make the older generation still to the Silver Surfer, you need patience and above all time precisely those factors which often lacks society of today’s high speed. The largest barriers are due to the English language, which is omnipresent on the Internet. The language barrier causes that it perceived the Internet even as dangerous in the extreme. For fear of accidentally buy something to subscribe to or from a lack of warranty of data protection a use not only takes place. While the Web offers plenty of opportunities just for seniors to interact with like-minded people in forums, to search for information quickly and easily, or to simply revive the contact with old friends, that it has lost over the years out of sight. That mission, Granny before to install, the screen is no impossibility, proves the team around Horst sievert regularly at their seniors-learning-online seminars, which aim to provide participants with the handling of the computer age.

The key to success is an intense, personal care. This can ensure also in larger groups, the SOL team uses the screen sharing tool Mikogo. Mikogo is a free desktop sharing application that allows its screen content in real time to another computer to ubertragen-and with just two mouse clicks. So the grandchildren living in Munich can perform vividly the capabilities of their email account his grandmother in Hamburg regardless of the distance between the homes. And then something goes wrong, can be accessed via the remote control function on the remote computer. In more complex problems or software installations can be helped as quickly, without overwhelming the seniors at the beginning.

After a session was, can start learning. What should be learned, only the individual interests depends on: because the screen is transmitted faithfully, Mikogo is suitable for each program: from text processing and digital post processing of the holiday photos to complex video editing. For Web master Horst sievert is the use of Mikogo in senior learning no longer: our participants and participants are enthusiastic, we save costs and other older adults to be a way in acquaintances and circle of friends in the diffusion of computer and Internet to help, “explains webmaster Horst sievert. We see as well. There is more information on this topic.

Mobile Apps

Mobile technical documentation for equipment and machinery with solutions from Noxum service on machines and systems requires extensive technical documentation. These are the customers or other service personnel ideally digital on the machine locally available. Noxum assists companies in providing the Mobile documentation with its technical solutions. The Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, provides mobile solutions for the technical documentation. Thus, Noxum supports companies that want to reach your customers or technicians on mobile way to meet their information needs.

From Noxum solutions geared to the needs and circumstances of the customer. The challenge lies in the contents of each match to prepare and to spend in the desired information products: such as EPUB readers for the E-reader, as interactive PDF or mobile app HTML5-based Smartphone and tablet. Just mobile apps allow the Service technicians the ideal use of the Mobile documentation on your Smartphone or tablet. The camera of the mobile device, you can read the QR or bar code on the machine. The software detects the type of the machine, assigns a serial number and suggests the relevant documentation or knowledge areas structured on ontologies. The relevant content are then promptly on the mobile devices in the optimal resolution user friendly available. Moreover, availability of information – whether image gallery, product video, 3D images or additional information from the Internet – viewing individual components in high level of detail can be through the mobile. Are also specialized shop systems and shopping cart functionality integrated and connected, even complex ordering processes, for example, for spare parts completely and without media discontinuity can perform mobile.