Konrad Lorenz

The rationality is the best protection against the error and the illusion. However, the rationalization of information is one of the tools most powerful of induction of errors, since it is based on a logical system based on induction/deduction that can be paved in bases false and/or mutilated that is supplanted and ratified for the rationalization, becoming true premises. From there the necessity elapses to recognize in the education of the future a principle of rational uncertainty: the rationality runs constant risk, in case that it does not keep autocrtica watchman how much to fall in the racionalizadora illusion. Another common source of errors comes of the paradigmtica blindness. Who is the paradigm privileges definitive logical operations in detriment of others, as the disjunction in detriment of the conjunction; it is what it attributes to validity and universality to the logic that chose. Therefore, of to the speeches and the theories that control the characteristics of the necessity and the truth. The paradigm is unconscious, but it irrigates the conscientious thought, controlling it.

The dominant normatizao of the societies and its doctrines and ideologies make use, equally, of the imperative force that it brings the evidence to the vain and of the coercitive force that it excites the inhibiting fear in the others, also provoking errors and antagonistic illusions to the ideal knowledge. This imprinting cultural marks the human beings since the birth. Imprinting is a term considered for Konrad Lorenz to give to account of the mark indelvel imposed by the first experiences of the just-born animal (as it occurs with the youngling of passarinho that, when leaving the egg, it follows first to be alive that the pass for it, as was its mother), a classic and natural error. Still related to the blindness of the knowledge, Morin says that the ideas are not only products of the mind, them for times is changedded into ' ' beings mentais' ' e, beings that are, can dominate inducing us us it the characteristic illusions of this relation idea (dominant) X subject (dominated). To know more about this subject visit Vladislav Doronin.