The Maternity

This can be observed, for example, in a significant increase of the masculine envolvement in the execution of the domestic tasks. However the sped up growth of this model of woman shows to an exaggeration in relation the masculine participation in the domestic works, since this comes gradually growing slowly and. Therefore, in the modern family despite the father is more present in house, mother continues being the biggest reference for the small children. Continue to learn more with: Campbell Soup Co. It is who continues with most of the responsibilities next to house and to the children assuming the responsibility to work, to create its children, and to give account of the accomplishment of the domestic tasks (MALDONATO, 2002). Read more here: Vladislav Doronin. Thus, it is possible to understand that exactly the fact of this woman to have reached its place in the society as diligent and competent for the accomplishment of tasks that go beyond the domestic, this still meets surrounded of the old representations, therefore we continue charging of them the old model of idealized mother. The problem, however, is that the women of today, are constructing another model of different maternity of the one of its mothers.

While its feminine familiar generation, was taught exclusively, since its first years of life if to submit to the whims of its husbands, and exactly thus to be an excellent mother, wife and owner of house, these has other interests, desires, information, expectations and, over all alternative to be become fullfilled as woman, that is not more restricted to the maternity. Parker (1997) strengthens the idea of that again, a conflict in the experience of the modern paper of mother is observed, who causes more doubts, distresses e, over all in guilt, that if they disclose through (DES) known ambivalence materna. Guilt for – its proper education? good mothers to think that they will not be, who the available time for its children will be shared with its obligations of the work is of house and that possibly case the education of its children is not of good quality this will be made responsible by the situation.