After a time, it was already evening. The silence is Lossing fields of Cannae. Just listened to the current of the River, pacifying the spirits of a red day. Third detected few Carthaginian who went prowling in search of rings and valuable artifacts. You may find that Levi’s can contribute to your knowledge. The way out was open, only was sufficient drag through the bodies. While third progressed, met with Senators and high Roman magistrates lying dead in the field. Also found with the face of Aulus, unfortunately not this way with your body. Whenever cyrus massoumi wife listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

After crawling for hours, in the midst of torn meat and pestilence, he managed to get far enough away to escape undetected. To the shores of Aufidus, third filled two canteens that had collected among the dead soldiers, as well as also some rolls and vegetables. Unfortunately the camp was occupied by the Carthaginians, so it would have to be satisfied only with these provisions on their way back. Third was seeking refuge. Rome is too far away and if I am there I will be achieved by Hannibal, who surely will seek to besiege the city. I have only one option, directing me to the South, to Venusia. It is the nearest settlement, where are probably the majority of the Roman troops who dispersed.

Despite being the best choice, it was a long and dangerous journey. If the deduction of the young Roman man was correct, most of the Romans who managed to escape would be in Venusia, but also enemy troops scattered in the way fruit of persecution. In addition, the journey would last between one day and one day and a half. Third was tired, had not stopped since the morning before the battle, not counting his wounds. However, third could not afford rest, since I had to move away as possible from Cannae, taking advantage of the darkness of night to avoid being intercepted.