E-Learning Tool

Mikogo and its use as a E-learning tool for computer courses for seniors know most people who ever have started an attempt to bring the grandparents on the computer the problem of Twitteruser Marcel Raimann. To make the older generation still to the Silver Surfer, you need patience and above all time precisely those factors which often lacks society of today’s high speed. The largest barriers are due to the English language, which is omnipresent on the Internet. The language barrier causes that it perceived the Internet even as dangerous in the extreme. For fear of accidentally buy something to subscribe to or from a lack of warranty of data protection a use not only takes place. While the Web offers plenty of opportunities just for seniors to interact with like-minded people in forums, to search for information quickly and easily, or to simply revive the contact with old friends, that it has lost over the years out of sight. That mission, Granny before to install, the screen is no impossibility, proves the team around Horst sievert regularly at their seniors-learning-online seminars, which aim to provide participants with the handling of the computer age.

The key to success is an intense, personal care. This can ensure also in larger groups, the SOL team uses the screen sharing tool Mikogo. Mikogo is a free desktop sharing application that allows its screen content in real time to another computer to ubertragen-and with just two mouse clicks. So the grandchildren living in Munich can perform vividly the capabilities of their email account his grandmother in Hamburg regardless of the distance between the homes. And then something goes wrong, can be accessed via the remote control function on the remote computer. In more complex problems or software installations can be helped as quickly, without overwhelming the seniors at the beginning.

After a session was, can start learning. What should be learned, only the individual interests depends on: because the screen is transmitted faithfully, Mikogo is suitable for each program: from text processing and digital post processing of the holiday photos to complex video editing. For Web master Horst sievert is the use of Mikogo in senior learning no longer: our participants and participants are enthusiastic, we save costs and other older adults to be a way in acquaintances and circle of friends in the diffusion of computer and Internet to help, “explains webmaster Horst sievert. We see as well. There is more information on this topic.