Learning Made Easy – With Free Vouchers

Ensure free education bonus issue students help! Gelsenkirchen, July 7, 2010. Expertise in combined form with the new educational bonus booklet offers students help around the topic of learning. Audit and application tips for students, Advisor to the optimization of learning behaviour for parents, introductory discount for new customers, practical learning tools in the Pocket format, as well as a free learning level analysis for your children the education bonus issue of the students help includes several free vouchers to the optimum preparation for the new school year. In the summer holidays, it is important not to neglect the learning. To the deepening of the course material, and to prepare for the new school year we offer tutoring in the holiday with our students holiday help”, says Marion Lauterbach, spokesperson of student aid. With the trial coupon in the educational bonus booklet students can try out once without obligation the students help in two free lessons”, so Lauterbach next. With the educational bonus booklet are “” “” it free copies of the student help guides fit for the test “, application tips for internship and training”learning and motivation tips”and tips for stress-free homework”as well as the latest Advisor school anxiety, stress at school & co.”. To support the subjects German, English, French and math, there are the free learning brochures with Paul”learning. Interested parties get the educational bonus issue free in your students help locally.