Lion Heart

Michael, realizing the benefits of such proposals within the plan of the Queen of Heaven (Mary), has agreed to the proposal of Satan, but under one condition: that Satan has was placed under Michael Israel, who by that time no longer belonged to Adam and was placed at the disposal of the church in Thyatira (Islam). Satan without hesitation agreed. Nimrod strongly opposed to such solution, but to influence the decision of Satan could not. Thus began the history of the Crusades for the liberation of the Holy Sepulcher, as Michael appeared again among the people, and this time brought before the people as King Richard – , giving all his efforts and those of people under him to the conquest of Jerusalem. Archangel church in Thyatira (Islam), understanding the concept of Michael, at the beginning of the Crusades almost without a fight gives Jerusalem. After the capture of Jerusalem by the Crusaders Satan, as promised, do not let the ruling in it Michael. The State of Israel and especially Jerusalem, Michael was going to make the center for the rehabilitation of human souls, in the past stages of purification and the embodiment of people who came to Jerusalem after their souls have experienced pain and suffering in the kingdom of Satan and Nimrod. The men who are more able to recover from the "virus of Darkness", as envisioned by Michael must were to start building a "second Rome", which was a rather long time to become a center for rehabilitation of human souls on Earth. .