Amanhecendo the day the troop was for the area high tech and conciliated an agreement that could come only 4529 robots of its troop. Bryan perceived that it would be difficult to obtain to win Fster. But unhappyly Fster finished knowing it Bryan attack intended to make, then it already was if preparing. After 4 months and 350 a thousand kilometers walked Bryan and its troop had arrived the area of the infernais knights they had had the advice with the knights they knew that they would be difficult to convince and had shown to the idea of them that all only were if defending of Fster, then the valeiros had sent only 2990 of its better warriors, then Bryan left the area of the knights called ' ' esperana' ' the world all already wise person of this, that would happen a war could finish with the chaos in the world or to finish with 2 last hope messes they had arrived close to ' ' the gate of hell' ' then Bryan with its troop with 10.103 ready men to die or to win it then spoke: – we are pertos of the victory or of the death then he thinks thus, if we die, all we go to remember that we die with honrra and we know that who enters in the war is pra to die and the others four areas are trust us, therefore we are called ' ' esperana' ' tomorrow we will invade ' ' the gate of hell' ' , good night men. Of Fster dawn she was not with its prepared troop, therefore it thought that they would go to attack of day to fight, Bryan and its troop was machando in direction ' ' the gate of hell' ' it was the great day Bryan arrived until the door of the city entered already destroying, setting on fire everything then the alarm touched informing that ' ' the gate of hell' ' she was being invaded, the troop of Fster if she congregated when Bryan perceived that it was the triple of its troop, who would go to it to massacre, but Bryan looked at stops backwards and saw that thousands and thousands of men of the four areas of the land were come to help Bryan, then Bryan cried out ' ' hora&#039 arrived; ' , Foster of its distant base of where the conflict would happen laughed, but when it saw to another part of the troop of Bryan, it stopped to laugh, and it informed its age to defecate, therefore they would go to lose its invencibilidade, Bryan perceived that Fster would go to run away then it quickly mounted a group with 50 men, them had been for backwards of the city where if they find the ship of escape of Foster, Bryan arrived in time, but it gave of face with Foster, Bryan congealed, therefore it was expensive the face with the man whom its mother killed, but opposite of Bryan to attack Foster, therefore its I number was bigger Bryan decided to opt to called just it for a fight gladiadores Fster accepted then goes, Bryan broke for speaking top of Fster with all its anger goes to kill you its poor fellow, was an equal fight, but unhappyly Bryan failed and lowered its guard. .