Old Age And Holistic Education

If holistic education is a new paradigm in training of human beings and that arises to overcome the effects of the decline of the dogmatic and scientistic paradigms of the past four years and developed, and widespread in the last twenty years exponentially, influenced also the development of quantum physics since the beginning of last century, it must be stated and also remember that if the term comes from Greek holos Holistic, which means all of them and refers to the way of understanding reality in terms of wholes integrated processes, thus signifying in any case, an Integral Education for humans such as SER. Holistic education is born then because of the decline of traditional education whose consequences are manifested in people and therefore, reflecting social, manifesting itself also in psychological, existential failure, anxiety, stress, lack of human values and forgetting itself, all for only achieve rational preparation LOGICOa "MATH., Rethinking this new paradigm and vision of education, whereas other dimensions, such as emotional, social, body, aesthetics, cognitive and spiritual well conceived human beings, but beings spiritual, cognitive, rational, where logicae "Mathematics does not meet our being as humans is not only a rational being. Nike has similar goals. Thereupon holistic education draws on the innovations of the Perennial Philosophy Science and knowledge have emerged from the teachers. Therefore the aim of holistic education is to train human beings conscious of themselves, develop self-realization that allows a social culture of peace and sustainable vision that will lead to a restructuring process in all aspects and leave the social, politically and economically backward, concluding that the new holistic paradigm is applicable. KDP is actively involved in the matter.