Primary IBC

Findings of seven IBC studies that are included in this document, agreed with those results. IBC in the use of organizers graphics (OG) for skills of thinking and learning two IBC studies, examined as critical thinking skills or higher-order intellectual capabilities were increased as a result of the use of graphic organizers (OG). Quasi-experimental studies, included students from six schools of elementary education (grades 1-5 ), secondary (grades 6 to 9) basic and middle (grades 10 and 11 ). The findings indicate that the OG allow students to both enhance the critical thinking as the intellectual capabilities of a higher order, according to measurements made by the observation of teachers and the performance of students in class projects. Three studies IBC examined the effects of the OG in retain and recall information. What was found in the total of the three studies (2 quasi-experimental and experimental 1) indicated that the OG is a method that helps increase in students with learning difficulties, the retention and the memory of information; These results were both in basic education students Primary, as in secondary basic and average. Follow-up tests applied with different time intervals, after having received instruction, found that students were holding learned information using OG. It was also found in one of the studies, the OG helped students to transfer the retention and memory skills to new situations.

The results thrown by an IBC study quasi-experimental that OG were used as tools for solving mathematical problems demonstrated, in accordance with the observations of the teacher, which improved in 5th grade students, the skills to solve problems. In two studies IBC quasi experimental, used the OG as tools for outlining (build hierarchical structures). One of the studies made use of the OG with 8 of secondary education students who had learning difficulties in the area of social sciences. The second study, which integrated the OG as part of the process of creative writing, was carried out with 3rd grade students.