Ramon Gallegos

To help my teammates and know that they can count on me, all for what we have passed (and they are many), feeling mutual support to break down all barriers that were presented to us, feel me in a group (although at times there existed difference) in where all strive for a common goal, it is very rewarding, seeing as we’ve been changed in these two years, whether in our manner of being or already think makes us different to others that for me is the spiritual light that I’ve been living in these two years hard mastery. My education was contrary to the new paradigm that Dr. Ramon Gallegos, has launched since the masters did not care of the how I felt or spent at those moments, I usually saw my teachers as an authoritarian person and with few friends character, that’s why I did not dare to say or ask any question regarding the themes when I had any questions. So transcurri my primary level in which I could survive and I was gradually changing my way of being towards with my teachers and classmates, my way of being always was generally an introverted person (something quite serious), my group of friends grew little by little, and my grades were improving. My friends I always felt as a person who will listen and give support to the best is something born in me, I like to help those around me without asking or waiting for something to change. To be part of this great and wonderful group of grandee have reinforced those virtues and I have improved in some defects (although I am still missing others to Polish). In these two years lived with people that we have a common vision the be educators holistas and worrying about an educational integrity, since the old paradigm did not have a human sensitivity, sees the field of education as something exclusively objective; It is to say that the human being as such never existed. . Read more here: Educational psychology.