About Friendship

ABOUT LA AMISTAD the definition of friendship that gives us the Diccionario de la Lengua Espanola (Real Academia Espanola) is the following: personal, pure and selfless, affection shared with another person, who was born and is strengthened by the treatment we are because in the world of affection, the inclinations toward someone, world which is primordial to know to discern because it involves aspects such as do not expect anything in returnshare, long-lasting relationship in a stretch of the road then do a small tour through some quotes from different writers about friendship: some speaks of sharing: not walk in front of me because perhaps not follow you. Do not walk behind me because maybe not take you. Walk by my side and I know my friend simply for others, friendship is a necessary ingredient of happiness:. Life is nothing without friendship of all things knowledge available for entirely happy living, most of all is the possession of a friendship The happiness of life is made up of tiny fractions, attentions forgotten of a kiss or a smile, a friendly look, a sincere compliment friends are friends precisely because they intrude not each other in their respective lives happiness seems made to be shared others relate the friendship with the excessive absence of words: I always thought that the privilege, relief and the largest friendship consolation consists that it is not necessary to give explanations there is true friendship when the silence between two people is comfortable now see some quote about the opposite of loneliness: worst loneliness is see is lacking in a sincere friendship road is very hard when there is a friend that will encourage me to we can say that a friend is a person who can and dare to be yourself without forgetting, of course, mutual respect, good education and good manners, ingredients, all of them necessary, in any type of relationship. Original author and source of the article.