Republic Citizens

The servant of the people, the politicians, the officials the first book in the world, written by citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany. You have to say, your opinions, thoughts and prophecies, published in a book. Addressed to the servants of the people\”, the politician. Jamie Cudden has plenty of information regarding this issue. Every citizen of our Republic has a right to express his opinion freely in Word, image and font. This unique project (book) to share with the State (i.e. our) economic management and the industry, what its people think. It is urgent time the politicians who work for us, the people, to say what we think of their work, way of life, organization, and plans for the future. We are citizens of a free Republic of democratic and we must talk to, tell us, and express.

Each of us citizens, whether we all live together in Germany and each child, homeless, welfare recipients, unemployed, worker, employee, officer, doctor, Director, Professor or politician – should but its opinion for all must share with a better future. So we, who can hold citizens of in Germany, our knowledge, our dreams and our future thinking in writing in a common work, about this very important book should arise. So that no one can later say we had Yes away and said nothing. This unique project to reach completion in a year and then be published through a Publisher. This book should make bad not only from whining, bitching and people exist, realizable proposals must be made! There should be criticism constructive and innovative ideas should be explained in detail and presented. It should show the fellows in our policy that we are capable of, don’t sell us to leave. That we are able, to be able to talk to, that we want to talk with and need to talk with! Publishers who are interested in this book in one year to publish (not a book on demand procedure), can already now contact with me.