The Stairs

Tended me a box wrapped with foil balloons. I looked at my mother and she nodded. Thank you. So were the next two hours; people approached with affectionate gesture, they gave me a gift and I them He appreciated with a tender smile. For ten in the evening, unknown people in a few hours ago had disappeared leaving them, only the aroma and the memories.

I left my parents, and went up to my room, to which I got a little tired, leaving gifts in the soil. I saw Hamlet and then smiled to Macbeth and did the same. They were my true friends, I knew them both to them, like them to me. The next morning awoke to the screams that I I deduced were of anguish and despair. How he was able to pass that? I listened to my mother sobbing. For a moment I worried, but I decided to keep away bad thoughts from my immature mind. Yes, Yes, we will be there. Thanks for letting us know Yes, Yes, good bye.

< Will be to who my mother was referring? > the response fell before me, how strong and big rock falls to the ground. daughter, Lucy awakes. my mother called me and me, pretending to be still asleep. huh It happened? I asked sleepy. Is it already time to go to school? Daughter, today do not anger my mother spoke while I got black clothes for me. get this, and down to the kitchen, right? Do something bad happens? I asked a little confused. My mother dropped out a few tears and I understood it. Sobbing, black clothing, and do not go to school? Someone had died, but who? I wore cool clothes and looked at the window. It was snowing, it was the first time that it snowed in the winter. < Who will have died? did cry? will feel pain? > got fearful off the stairs.