Roman Theatre

January 2010. This morning we went to visit the Roman Theatre of Cartagena is only 15 minutes by car from the Hotel Spa Torre Pacheco, and it is quietly reached by motorway. We arrived in Cartagena by the port area and parked right in the parking garage that is on the same port, within a radius of 100 meters we have almost everything, the part of promenade and commercial port, the Town Hall square and the imposing old town hall, main street, the wall of Carlos III, and of course the Roman Theatre and its Museum. Makes a day of sunshine and very good temperature, leave the coats in the car. In the Plaza of the city we find the building of the Museum of the Roman Theatre, the Palacio, Riquelme Pascual, (and also the cafeteria, at the end of the visit we take a beer and some squid, sitting in the Sun, which like in winter; for summer in the bars in the main street you will enjoy more than the shadow). All the architectural adaptation has been carried out by the architect Rafael Moneo, there are different levels in height, large spaces with a complex system of skylights and up to a passage under a street, all designed to get from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, at sea level, travel almost 100 meters and reach the Roman theatre to rather more height. After buying the ticket ($ 5 adults) we headed to the auditorium where projects of continuous a 12 minute documentary on the theatre and it is highly recommended to enter in the field.

You can also see it returning, before leaving. The first exhibition area is the CORRIDOR of history of theatre, ranging from the 20th century to 1st century.