Shoeshine Boy

The Berlin papers – 10 years Gallery LISTROS opening: 7 November 2013, 19:00 duration of the exhibition: 7 November 2013 12 December 2013 on the exhibition during its ten-year anniversary the Gallery shows LISTROS paper works by three artists living in Berlin, the is since now deal a decade with Listros – and Africa-specific issues. Participating artists: Jim Avignon – Hans Endelmann – Lupe Godoy Listros means ‘ shiny ‘ and is the name of young shoeshine boy in Ethiopia and their shoe shine boxes. The artistic approach with the situation of these young people shows that poverty has two faces: the Listros here not the pariahs of the Ethiopian society, but young people who open up better prospects for the future with entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. The involved artist Jim Avignon exhibition, Hans Endelmann and Lupe Godoy in her work creative limitations and known issues and focus attention on Africa, as well as on the continent of Africa in us. Also the material they use connect paper.

Their artistic positions, however, could not be more different. By the rapid immediacy in the works of Jim Avignon, about the precise spontaneity at Lupe Godoy up to the lyrical reflections by Hans Endelmann presents the exhibition a kaleidoscope of formal and substantive meetings with the subject of Listros (young shoeshine boy in Ethiopia) and Africa: from Schuhputzern to skin color of stools to Listro boxes, by associations with dreams. ABOUT the artist Jim Avignon is a painter, musician, performer, organizer, and curator and has put together these components your own professional image itself, that holds him every day on their toes. To create the fastest painter of the world”calls the artist himself even winking and claims an average 4.37 works” per day. His imagery consist of cartoon, figurative, expressionistic composition and dominant on the picture-painted titles and create maximum expression with a minimum of lines.