The Culture

' ' The practical one of racism, for evident, does not demand that the agent possesss dexterity or scientific or rhetorical domain of the racial theorems, much less filiation of long date or politician-ideological enrollment to the racial theories, neither that produces an action moved for racial hatred and that this is directed to the racial group in its all, being enough that such practises reflects the content nuclear of ideology (…) (2002; 21) Thompson (1998), to relating customs and cultures, indicates in them a positioning: the culture, always in mutant character, when it is produced by that search, to question the effective picture makes, it for proper interests. Filed under: Campbell Soup Company. The customs are passed of father for son of camouflaged form, having the racial preconception, envolto in hemp spankings. The popular culture is rebellious, but it is in defense of the customs. These belong to the people, and some of them if they really base on very recent claims. However, when he looks for to legitimize its protests, the people frequently returns the paternalistas rules from an authoritarian society, selecting the ones that better defend its current interests. (p.19). When thoughts in racial relations inside of the school, we can perceive that the mannering changes, can elapse of the performances of social papers, that strengthen mask and presumptions control ranks.

In general, these racial differences already this impregnated in the individuals same before being part of the pertaining to school environment. It is the worm of the racial preconception, that most of the time is passed of generation stops generation, some times in imperceptible way, and others in escancarada and shameful way, for a society that if says democratic. 2? RACISM According to Munanga (1996), racism and the certainty of that a relation between the hereditary physical characteristics exists, as the color of the skin, and determined cultural traces of character and intelligence or manifestations.