The Artist

Another reason why at times it He censured art was by the habits and customs that were taken, to say so, if most of the artists only painted landscapes because what was at the time demanded, it was not possible that someone wanted to make art with images of war, because it was not what at that time was appreciated. Another controversial point about censorship have been the themes, as others have already mentioned are those that cause more conflict, because people cannot tolerate that some people may be able to perform works of art with such sensitive issues. nessing-The-Power-Of-Purpose.html’>Professor Rita McGrath here. For example religion inside and outside the art is a controversial topic, given that it is subjective and relies on faith, but as not all have religious beliefs or are not of the same religion, has not been able give a respect for the beliefs of each one, so that when an artist uses a religious theme as art and is not to the liking of the observersmainly belonging to that religion, manifested mainly aggressively against the artist. See Gerald Weissmann, MD for more details and insights. Understandably not be to the liking of the society, but there must be a respect for the artist, as well as the artist must respect the beliefs of society. This happens with other topics, as grotesque or sadistic, even if they are less controversial, cause impact because it is not something that will be used to view, usually society appreciates the aesthetic and when the panorama is different tends to censor it because it is not something that is usual. We can conclude that censorship is a social problem rather than legal and it all depends on the glass with that look, but in my own opinion society itself is very contradictory because at the beginning is censor what is not common, but in the end ends up accepting it. Another very big contradiction is that there is no consistency in their censorship as a topic as eroticism is suppressed more quickly than a violent theme, for example, is completely normal to see a table that represents a battle that a picture of two naked people kissing. That’s why that censorship is based on taboos rather than on what really matters, the integrity of society and of the author.