The Instinct

If it cannot hinder the adolescent to desire some thing, but can be conditioned to desire it to it things different of what the exercise of its sexuality. For example: the scientific conquest, the artistic creation, the esportiva affirmation etc. Are to one such change in the course of the desire that of the o subliming name. She is necessary to leave a basic aspect well clearly: nobody is wanting to support that the subliming must be denied. Each human being can and must express in some ways, and not only by means of a simple and direct sexual activity.

What if it must reject is the universal and constant empire of the subliming on the pure sexuality, the habitual shunting line of sexual impulses for not sexual objectives. Desventuradamente is same this the politics of the current education: in the schools to convince the young to postpone, is not known until when, the satisfaction of its erotismo, that is, of sublimings that go of the study to the sport, of the art to the good behavior, of the military service to some recreativas occupations. It is not necessary to be very perspicacious to understand that this technique intends to print in the head of the young the idea of a contradiction, of a breaking between the sexuality, of inferior level, and the subliming, of superior level. The solid dualism is formed: of a side the spirit, the reason, the culture, etc., that is things ' ' puras' ' , and of another one the instinct, passion, the pleasure, that is impure things. The soul on the ceiling, the sex in the bilge. It seems patent that the educators look for, in this way, to arrive at a dessexualizao of the educandos and fears that in many cases they obtain. It must be said that a sexofobia as in the pertaining young was never found so intransigent and stubborn the certain integralistas groups of characteristics absolutely catholics.