According to the Ministry of education, culture and sports, vocational training is the set of teachings that empower people to be able to exercise a qualified from different professions work within the educational system. The teachings of vocational training are integrated by theoretical and practical oriented knowledge modules to develop professional skills and are sorted on: specific professional modules of initial professional qualification programmed. The formative cycles of medium grade. The formative cycles of top grade. Currently, despite the crisis and the high rate of youth unemployment, it seems that the FP engineers can count on good job prospects; in particular, according to data from the Randstad HR consultant, 4 of every 10 job offers are aimed at people with a top grade title.

Grandstand experts consider that this increase in jobs is linked to the need to improve the level of qualifications of the society: companies need workers with practical and training related to the job profile that fits perfectly with graduates in FP, since they are the studies more closely related occupations and the job market, and all cycles of vocational training, both mid-grade and premium grade must attend FCT (workplace training) module, by acquiring a practical, really valuable and experience adapted to the demands of the labor market. Apart from the reasons set out above, the crisis itself and the situation of much of society, have caused to be reactivated certain jobs, for example, those related to the attention to groups at risk of social exclusion, more numerous, elderly people, children or disabled persons, which may be covered by different graduates of vocational training (degree in early childhood education auxiliary nurses, social integration) in addition, in the today are being put into operation each time more modalities for these studies. Thus, aims apart from traditional face-to-face training, are also offered other modalities, distance, online, free tests for example technical Institute of professional studies, our Center, to facilitate access by all students to training, contributing to the reconciliation of the studies with working conditions and /or relatives.

Therefore, each year we flexibilities the educational methodology and extend the modalities that are offered courses; well, our training for the preparation of the tests for obtaining qualifications of technician and senior technician of professional training of intermediate and higher level, of professional health and sociocultural services families and the community, convened by the Ministry of education, of the following titles: early childhood education; Social integration, image for the Diagnosis; Health emergencies), can be performed in Presidential modality (between 300 and 500 hours of duration), at a distance, and at various times. The shortage of University studies and the low rate of employment, among other factors, make vocational training an alternative way for professional advancement and increasing the level of employability of people. Therefore, we can conclude that vocational training is a good choice if you want to start or continue a formation, which increase the chances of employability.