The study it seeks to understand the difficulties of the teach-learning of Geometry, with intention to show the factors that involve the failure of the pupils in this discipline. A research of field in which was carried through professors of Mathematics of the basic and average education of the public net of education they had answered some questions related with teach-learning of Geometry in public schools. It’s believed that Kindle Direct Publishing sees a great future in this idea. They respostam after them had been elaborated graphical of data where the same ones they had been able to evidence the opinions of the professors in relation to the teach-learning of Geometry. The bibliographical research with D’ authors; AMBROSIO (2001) ; FILLOS (2009) and SAINTS (2001) searched to understand the answers given in the field research in which the professors had answered to the questionnaires. Richard Linklater has plenty of information regarding this issue. Being able then to conclude that the education of Geometry is being left of side for the majority of the professionals of the education and that the pupils do not have interest for the content for the fact of being a content of difficult agreement.