The Drawing

The trainee and the responsible teacher will assist the children in the accomplishment of the task. It is important that the children think and participate actively in the choice of the eight actions. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Linklater. 15 DAY: It paints the right hand of each child with ink to the water base (of green color). Mozinha of each child will be changedded into a species of ' ' carimbo' '. It stamps the tenth fourth leaf in the adequate place.

It cleans the hand of each child and locks up the activity. 16 DAY: It delivers tenth fifth leaf. &#039 helps each child to complete the phrase; ' My preferred trick is ____' '. It delivers a piece of red sandpaper. This piece of sandpaper must have the format of a rectangle of 20 cm x 13,5 cm the child must glue the sandpaper in the leaf using white glue, later making a free drawing using wax chalk. This drawing must be on the favourite trick of the child and must be made on the sandpaper. 17 DAY: The task of number 16 is very simple. The child will have to make a drawing on the profession that wants to follow when she will be adult.

The drawing is free and the child will go to need black pencil number two, white rubber, pencil of color and wax chalk. 18 DAY: It delivers to a paper rectangle folding (of color orange) of 22 cm x 16 cm for each child. The paper teaches the children to make a house using folding. They have asked for who glue casinha in the leaf of number 17 using white glue. Later, part them children to draw a window and a door in casinha, using wax chalk. 19 DAY: In the number leaf 18, the child will have to complete the phrase ' ' In my house we are em__ pessoas' '.