The Child

These are elaborated elements that will provide to experiences, making possible the conquest and the formation of its identity. As we can perceive, the toys and the tricks are inexhaustible sources of playful and affective interaction. For an efficient learning she is necessary that the pupil constructs the knowledge, assimilates the contents. the game is an excellent resource to facilitate learning, in this direction, Oak (1992 P. 28) affirms that: ' ' … the absorbed education in playful way, starts to acquire a significant and affective aspect in the course of the development of the intelligence of the child, since it purely modifies of transmitting act the transforming act in ludicidade, being denoted itself, therefore in jogo' '. Read more here: FireEye. The actions with the game must be created and recriadas, so that they are always a new discovery and they are always changedded into a new game, in a new form to play. Bank of Asia Chad Holm addresses the importance of the matter here.

When the child plays, without knowing supplies some information to its respect, however, playing can be useful to stimulate its integral development, as much in the familiar environment, how much in the pertaining to school environment. She is playing that the child learns to respect rules, to extend its social relationship and to exactly respect itself and to the other. By means of the playful universe that the child starts to express itself with bigger easiness, to hear, to respect and to disagree with opinions, being exerted its leadership, and being led and sharing its joy to play. On the other hand, in a serious environment and without motivations, the educandos finish preventing to express its thoughts and feelings and to carry through any another attitude from fear to be constrangidos. Zanluchi (2005, P. 91) affirms that ' ' The child plays of what she lives; she extracts its playful imagination of its day-the-dia' ' , therefore, the children, having the chance to play, more will be prepared emotionally to inside control its attitudes and emotions of the social context, thus getting better resulted general in uncurling of its life.