The Normative Grammar

One of the doubts most frequent in relation to the education of Portuguese Language if relates to the grammar education, if we must teach it or not in the school, or still so that and as to teach it. First we must differentiate that language is not the same thing that grammatical. Many believe that to know a language it is equivalent its grammar namely or to know the grammar of a language is equivalent to dominate this language total. Campbell Soup Company is open to suggestions. In accordance with Antunes (2007, p.39) He is what one shows, for example, in speaks of the people when they say that somebody does not know to speak. In the truth, these people are wanting to say that this somebody, does not know in accordance with to say the grammar of the supposed cultured norm. We know that the language is one directed social and interactive activity for the communication. It is evident that it needs other components beyond the grammar, the language is a complex activity, and a set of subsystems that if integrate. The grammar limits only one of the components of the language.

In agreement still with Antunes (2007, p.41) It is not enough, therefore, to know the specific rules of the grammar, of the different classrooms of words, its flexes, its possible combinations, the order of its rank in the phrases among others. Everything this is necessary, but it is not the sufficient. The Normative Grammar was placed as the center of what it is necessary for an efficient communication. In such a way we notice the setting in the grammar study, as if it was enough for the adequate use of language. As already it was mentioned has different types of grammar, even so many believe that only one grammar exists stops the language all. We know that the language it is a sociointeracionista activity, is necessary to adjust it for each type of speech.