King Salomo

In Mateus: 6; 24 we were warned on the danger of if becoming attached to the money ‘ ‘ Nobody can serve the two gentlemen; because or it has to hate one to love the other, or will be dedicated to one and will disdain the other. You cannot serve the God and the Mamom’ ‘. continues you warning in them, saying what we must make to receive the wonderful benes from our God father; ‘ ‘ But, you search the kingdom of God, and its justice first, and all to these will be added you things. Not inquieteis you, therefore, for at some future date, because at some future date it will take care of of itself exactly. Mal’ is enough to each day its; ‘. The great evangelizadores of today, need money to take the word of God to the greater number possible of people in different nations, and happy that nation that to receive the word from God.

But, it will be that as much emphasis in collecting true richnesses on behalf of God, does not finish taking the people to think that the size of the blessing is proportional to the value of the offered check the church? I am thinking; to receive wealth, prosperidades, happinesses and Glorias given by God, she is not necessary to buy, therefore the currency that moves the heart of God is the obedience and recognition of that in them we are total dependent of its Favour and its mercy. That King Salomo says to it. All the prophecies are if literally fulfilling, all the signals of that said Mr. Jesus are happening, some it says: – ‘ ‘ that nothing always he had these catastrophes in mundo’ ‘ , more I say that never he saw sizes disasters as now, and all these events had been described in the bible with precision and wealth of details. ssarily agree. She is necessary to have a rock heart, for denies that the things are happening with a rapidity that scares. In the scientific field, the discoveries in the genetics are something that makes to leave the hair in foot.

Everything perishes to be new, and it is, for that the things do not have God as the creator of all. For who it believes in the word of God and every day feeds its soul with the true faith, they know that, nothing that the man to discover or to invent is new, Because it is written: What it was this is what it has of being; what this became will make; in way that nothing has underneath of new of the sun. It has some thing of that if it can say: It sees, that is new? Already it was in the passed centuries, that had been before us. Eclesiastes; 1; 9,10 Digo that, if You not yet if decided to search the truth Mr. Jesus, you look for to hurry yourself, because the time for we is not the same Mr. Deus. He searchs the Jesus, therefore it is to its door, when it to beat, opens it, that it inhabits certainly in its heart filling all the gaps making to disappear the emptinesses of your life. I say that: How much bigger the love for the wealth, greater will be the incredulity in God. Click how did vladislav doronin make his money to learn more. How much bigger the idolatria of a person, of a state or a country, greater will be its misery. That is a fact. They love and They love.

The Property

As the Brazilian population also was increasing, other wealth had been being discovered, between them the gold mines and diamonds, despertando much covets and paying the debts that Portugal had with other European countries, thus, these new sources of wealth had influenced in modifications how much the land concession. However, many had been benefited of lands, demarcating and registering, therefore no sesmeiro obeyed the law. Acquiring great territorial landmarks. The large states had started to occupy a economically important scene in the country, and up to 1822 the lands already were practically all distributed. Thus, ' ' donos' ' they did not allow did not allow the occupation and farmers in its lands, to be that they allowed and these would not have to give to its services. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gerald Weissmann, MD. This also made, with that many occupied a land piece between a property and another one, called possessional. After much time, the government through demands judicial banishes these of the locality, and decrees the Law of Lands (Law 601) of 1850, defining as the property of the land in the country would be constituted. For more specific information, check out how did vladislav doronin make his money. In fact, little thing moved, therefore the law determined that only proprietor of the land could be considered who legalized its property in notary’s offices, and for this, they needed to pay an amount in money for the king.

Or then, who already had letter of would sesmaria or endorsement of the Crown to occupy lands, if it became proprietor of that space officially and was apt to vender them if it wanted. That is, from now on, to have lands in ground Brazilian she was necessary to pay for it. Thus, the law discriminated the poor persons and hindered the libertos slaves to possess a piece of land, that therefore, many slaves after libertos had opted to migrar them great cities to have that to be in the favour farms working.