Michael Nostradamus

Being Nostradamus, consciousness is aware of Michael's first manifestation of a special love for himself – "Earth" which was so named Michael after the death of Nostradamus, and that the soul of Michael was able to learn as a new, yet Unknown to them the kind of love. Nostradamus, finds the extraordinary manifestations of love, shows her family and friends, what should be a true love, and through this he sees in his eyes is the transformation of people close to him, as is their gradual healing of the "virus of Darkness." So unexpectedly in the role of Michael Nostradamus opened the second vaccine against the virus of Darkness ", which became known as" Earth's love. " "Earthly Love" – a feeling that comes from a man on the background of purifying the consciousness of the "virus of Darkness", when the vibratory formula of consciousness under the influence of the resonance of the energy of love undergoes a very significant and persistent changes that result in consciousness to the absolute stability against the virus of Darkness. /a>, another great source of information. " It turned out that "earthly love" is born in human mind under the influence of people who either already have this love, or who seek to possess it. It can also arise independently in the minds of people who together have known sorrow and suffering, in result, they realized such a thing as "close friends". Michael knew that most likely even before some of his men had "earthly" love. But many of them have failed to grasp the full benefits of such love, its true power, but have not been able to develop it with other people. . .

Lion Heart

Michael, realizing the benefits of such proposals within the plan of the Queen of Heaven (Mary), has agreed to the proposal of Satan, but under one condition: that Satan has was placed under Michael Israel, who by that time no longer belonged to Adam and was placed at the disposal of the church in Thyatira (Islam). Satan without hesitation agreed. Nimrod strongly opposed to such solution, but to influence the decision of Satan could not. Thus began the history of the Crusades for the liberation of the Holy Sepulcher, as Michael appeared again among the people, and this time brought before the people as King Richard – , giving all his efforts and those of people under him to the conquest of Jerusalem. Archangel church in Thyatira (Islam), understanding the concept of Michael, at the beginning of the Crusades almost without a fight gives Jerusalem. After the capture of Jerusalem by the Crusaders Satan, as promised, do not let the ruling in it Michael. The State of Israel and especially Jerusalem, Michael was going to make the center for the rehabilitation of human souls, in the past stages of purification and the embodiment of people who came to Jerusalem after their souls have experienced pain and suffering in the kingdom of Satan and Nimrod. The men who are more able to recover from the "virus of Darkness", as envisioned by Michael must were to start building a "second Rome", which was a rather long time to become a center for rehabilitation of human souls on Earth. .


Amanhecendo the day the troop was for the area high tech and conciliated an agreement that could come only 4529 robots of its troop. Bryan perceived that it would be difficult to obtain to win Fster. But unhappyly Fster finished knowing it Bryan attack intended to make, then it already was if preparing. After 4 months and 350 a thousand kilometers walked Bryan and its troop had arrived the area of the infernais knights they had had the advice with the knights they knew that they would be difficult to convince and had shown to the idea of them that all only were if defending of Fster, then the valeiros had sent only 2990 of its better warriors, then Bryan left the area of the knights called ' ' esperana' ' the world all already wise person of this, that would happen a war could finish with the chaos in the world or to finish with 2 last hope messes they had arrived close to ' ' the gate of hell' ' then Bryan with its troop with 10.103 ready men to die or to win it then spoke: – we are pertos of the victory or of the death then he thinks thus, if we die, all we go to remember that we die with honrra and we know that who enters in the war is pra to die and the others four areas are trust us, therefore we are called ' ' esperana' ' tomorrow we will invade ' ' the gate of hell' ' , good night men. Of Fster dawn she was not with its prepared troop, therefore it thought that they would go to attack of day to fight, Bryan and its troop was machando in direction ' ' the gate of hell' ' it was the great day Bryan arrived until the door of the city entered already destroying, setting on fire everything then the alarm touched informing that ' ' the gate of hell' ' she was being invaded, the troop of Fster if she congregated when Bryan perceived that it was the triple of its troop, who would go to it to massacre, but Bryan looked at stops backwards and saw that thousands and thousands of men of the four areas of the land were come to help Bryan, then Bryan cried out ' ' hora&#039 arrived; ' , Foster of its distant base of where the conflict would happen laughed, but when it saw to another part of the troop of Bryan, it stopped to laugh, and it informed its age to defecate, therefore they would go to lose its invencibilidade, Bryan perceived that Fster would go to run away then it quickly mounted a group with 50 men, them had been for backwards of the city where if they find the ship of escape of Foster, Bryan arrived in time, but it gave of face with Foster, Bryan congealed, therefore it was expensive the face with the man whom its mother killed, but opposite of Bryan to attack Foster, therefore its I number was bigger Bryan decided to opt to called just it for a fight gladiadores Fster accepted then goes, Bryan broke for speaking top of Fster with all its anger goes to kill you its poor fellow, was an equal fight, but unhappyly Bryan failed and lowered its guard. .

Meirelles Coast

In the same year, it had the Pact of Family, joining the Bourbon of France, Spain, Naples and Parma, that the tension between Portugal and Spain increased. The Colony was in Portuguese ownerships, and Spain invaded in 30 of October of 1762, returned in the following year, for the Treated one to Paris, coming back to invade in 30 of May of the 1777 and island of Santa Catarina in 3 of July. The pertaining territory to Spain to this of the river Uruguay arrived at the indefinite line of the Meridian of Tordesilhas, that in accordance with the Spanish opinion passed for the Canania island, but Portugal more pointed out it to the west of the river Uruguay, however the Treated one to Ildefonso Saint rescued Treat to Madrid, yielding the Colony of the Sacrament, the Territory of the Missions and part of the Rio Grande Do Sul the Spain and the island of Santa Catarina Portugal. In 19 of June of 1764, Jose Gervsio Artigas, third son of captain Martin Jose Artigas and Antnia Pascual was born in Montevidu, future politician, to militate and national hero of Uruguay. In 24 of June of 1784, son of the Manuel Spaniard woollen Perez Valleja and Ramona woollen Justina Tower, was born in Saint Luca, Juan Antonio woollen Lavalleja y Tower, leader future of the 33 orientals and president of Uruguay, in 1853. Four years later, in 23 of September of 1788, son of Portuguese 2 second lieutenant Joaquin Gonalves Da Silva and Perptua of the Meirelles Coast, in Triumph, in the Rio Grande Do Sul, were born Blessed Gonalves Da Silva, who would be one of the leaders of the Farroupilha Revolution with separatistas objectives, in the search of the independence of the province, of the Brazilian Empire. In 1800, Portugal gave beginning to the expansionista politics with populations throughout the border of the Rio Grande Do Sul, and the Eastern Missions had been divided by the rivers Ibicuy and Yaguarn and Mern lagoon. .

Learning Made Easy – With Free Vouchers

Ensure free education bonus issue students help! Gelsenkirchen, July 7, 2010. Expertise in combined form with the new educational bonus booklet offers students help around the topic of learning. Audit and application tips for students, Advisor to the optimization of learning behaviour for parents, introductory discount for new customers, practical learning tools in the Pocket format, as well as a free learning level analysis for your children the education bonus issue of the students help includes several free vouchers to the optimum preparation for the new school year. In the summer holidays, it is important not to neglect the learning. To the deepening of the course material, and to prepare for the new school year we offer tutoring in the holiday with our students holiday help”, says Marion Lauterbach, spokesperson of student aid. With the trial coupon in the educational bonus booklet students can try out once without obligation the students help in two free lessons”, so Lauterbach next. With the educational bonus booklet are “” “” it free copies of the student help guides fit for the test “, application tips for internship and training”learning and motivation tips”and tips for stress-free homework”as well as the latest Advisor school anxiety, stress at school & co.”. To support the subjects German, English, French and math, there are the free learning brochures with Paul”learning. Interested parties get the educational bonus issue free in your students help locally.

Learning And Winning: In The Museum Man And Nature In The Biodiversitatsralley

In the year of biodiversity, children and their families on the way led to the responses to different habitats and species and diversity in biology brought closer the subject learning and winning: In the Museum man and nature is at the Biodiversitatsralley both possible. In the year of biodiversity children and their families on the way are the responses to different habitats and species and closer on diversity in biology. “The Biodiversitatsralley”The diversity of life on our planet”will be held on Sunday, Nov. 28, in the event of Bavarian Climate Alliance: climate protection to be touched” instead. The rally for families leads to 10 different stations in the Museum man and nature. Playfully explores the most diverse animals and everyone who gives his rally bow filled, is rewarded with a small gift. In 8 correct answers, you can win each a Merlin – or a Tierpark Hellabrunn – family annual pass.

The questionnaires will be doled out in the foyer of the Museum and can there to 17.30 again appear. Main prizes: Merlin annual family pass, Tierpark Hellabrunn annual family pass. Further prices: SEA LIFE year cards, 20 day free passes to SEA LIFE contact and organization: VBIO Landesverband Bayern: Dr. Julia Salgado, Managing Director Cornelius str. 12, 80469 Munich, Tel. 0 89 5328293, fax. + 49 – 89-260 24 574,

A Distance Learning / Correspondence Course A Wise Alternative

A remote University offers a sensible alternative for people who don’t have much time for night school, etc. To give an extra kick of the career, you need additional qualifications. Who wants to learn and wants to develop new skills, you also need qualifications. You can acquire these skills at a remote University by a correspondence course or a course. Wide selection of remote universities offering at remote universities in Germany is the best and largest worldwide, one and also the selection of correspondence courses and distance learning courses is huge – it is made so easy one, to find something suitable! Distance learning courses from home from complete self without qualifications who has no high school diploma can study at a distance University in many cases, and there are numerous distance learning, you can prove easily, without the need for any training! Flexibility, as well as the absolute orientation of the wishes of the student is therefore in the context of this education. The today’s remote schools use state of the art Teaching and learning environments, so that no wishes stay open: Online study centres contact the personal tutor by clicking individual care by experienced experts, the one de tasks correct and detailed comment on participation in virtual and interactive learning groups Advisory through free Info Hotline a special service of the most remote universities is also that you can for 4 weeks trying out many of the distance learning or test, without having to pay a cent for it. Also who advance already once in detail wants to inform yourself about the selected course, who ordered just as many brochures, as he/she wants this is again free.

Know The Power Of Your Thoughts And Guide Learning – Webinar

Henry Ford said no matter whether you think you can do it or you can’t you’re right! What do you believe? The success or failure? In a thoroughly tested concept, you get everything you need to direct your thinking in new ways as intense as you want, as discreet as you want. All modules are complete in the webinars including and can if necessary be used in one of the unique features of the courses is the daily live chat, which is an online entertainment, based on texts on the Internet also Saturday and Sunday are the seminar leader for the customers and offer solutions and practical help. While everyone apply the law of attraction, some are aware of this then who achieved a success after another in their lives and those who believe in fate and coincidence, and spin of a goof to the next, always in the hope that it will get better someday, or at least not much worse. In the globally available A printed manual is online courses, which are offered in English, which reliably and quickly around the world comes via the Amazon shipping partners home in the mailbox. Easter has the team come up with special prices and this also does not hide up to 60% cheaper – now go into the webinars and reconsider their own thinking. Decide yourself, what area of life you take a fresh look at and its evolution you permanently want to promote love, partnership and harmony, our heartfelt rate in 60 days – Easter 50% reduced money and would make a self employed jobs or it already, optimum opportunities, more jobs and less bills are to get better profits in just 60 days, this deductible rate is reduced by 50% to Easter desired weight if you gave up on, To make and to experience a Jojoeffekt, you should start diets, change your thinking and your scale impress the 60 day course to the desired weight without Diet is on Easter Sunday 50% cheaper health and well-being, whether thats the allergy or chronic disease our scientists say, that all diseases have their origin in the thoughts change your thinking and become healthier.

Study With 40plus – Why Lifelong Learning Is So Important

In-service course ‘Leadership and organisational management’ as a training programme for executives. Learning doesn’t stop after graduation, rather is lifelong learning necessary. Last but not least, the need of each regularly to form arises by the seriousness of the current economic and social situation. Finally the individual is today subject to a constant change in the world of work and profession can respond flexibly, to remain competitive “, Prof. Dr. Birgit Volmerg, initiator of the masters course in leadership and organisational management”of the University of Bremen.

white and In addition, especially for the generation of 40plus new forms of work and changing lifestyles make necessary a network of work, training and leisure. For the individual, lifelong learning is an important competitive factor. In times like these, it applies to optimize its own professional situation, or the status or to keep. Who a managerial career in the Management aims at, with a corresponding further vocational training which meets even the highest demands, would be well advised. In the extra-occupational master leadership and organisational development”(in particular the generation of 40plus) executives from different industries acquire practical the degree master of Arts”, who are entitled to the subsequent promotion. Detailed information about the continuing education studies find prospective customers under.

More information and press contact: Office MA leadership and organisational development Institute of psychology and transfer (InPuT) cable Prof. Dr. Birgit Volmerg contact: Dr. Michael Schottmayer Department 11 FON +49-(0)421 218-7755 fax +49-(0)421 218-4976 Grazer Street 2 c 28359 Bremen email:

Learning Disorders

Can micro nutrients improve the cognitive abilities of? Many parents are at a loss when their offspring always come home with bad school grades. However a lack of intelligence must not necessarily provided in children and young people who learn bad. Also outstanding performance in mathematics can bring a child who suffers from a reading / spelling, and vice versa. Adam B. Shaw is a great source of information. Often, children have even no desire to learn, because they would rather deal with other things, or they are just unfocused. For the affected students, a temporary or ongoing learning disorder or even a learning disability is usually a very heavy – even if they play it down. Many suffer under great pressure because they no longer come with the material in the school; they resign, lose their self-esteem and get out of this vicious circle difficult without outside help. A good planning together with the child and provide support for learning, E.g.

in the form of Tutoring, are certainly important approaches to help. Parents and guardians should take a learning disorder not on lightly, but also don’t overstate them. Adam B. Shaw: the source for more info. A specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry can best assess the situation. Nutritionists make partly responsible for the lack of performance of the children in our industrial Nations also eating behavior: fast food, candy, Cola & co provide the young body with macromolecules, although adequate, not necessarily with essential micronutrients. Has a particularly high demand for micro nutrient in the growth and the development of the body, and also in a healthy, balanced diet, the micro nutrient supply may be inadequate. The reason is that there are some micro-nutrients no longer sufficient in the soil; long transport distances and storage times and the way of preparation also bring a loss of vitamins in fruits and vegetables with it. A lack of specific Micronutrients can be affect, that certain circuits in the brain not work properly: the child is unfocused, can learn poorly, is irritable, restless, aggressive or depressed.