Certificate Course

Continuing education for engineers and scientists Saarbrucken, 15.07.2013 – can extend to a BionikPLUS engineers and natural scientists soon their competencies. The htw saar and the FH Kaiserslautern offer 2013/2014 the certificate studies of bionics, subtitled construction, materials, design starting in the winter semester. What is Biomimetics, what can bionics? Bionics is a method of interface between biology and technology. You systematically considered functional and construction principles of nature and transmits them in technical product developments. The conventional approach in engineering combined with principles of nature, this can be very rewarding, create innovations, show potential savings and increase the efficiency of the entire development process.

Prominent examples include the winglets on aircraft wings, which reduce wind Vortex on aircraft surfaces and therefore reduce fuel consumption or lightweight components, based on the design principles of trees and mammal bones, confirm these benefits. The Bionics and the success of the Bionics is a promising method of development. Enterprises should be made with these methods and Umsetzungsmoglichkeitenbekannt and learn their value”, says Professor Dr. Hans-Joachim Weber. He is Dean of the Faculty of engineering at the htw saar and first Chairman of the bionic engineering network (BEN) the continuing education certificate originated e.

V., on whose initiative. Hans-Joachim Weber is also head of the VDI Arbeitskreis bionics and medical technology in the Saar District Association. The already mentioned BionikPLUS is not only the individual candidates. Companies can build the bionics competence in their own House by the certificate. You have the option of their engineers continue to qualify experienced professionals or the and thereby gain a market advantage. Interested in? Now prospective students to participate can register. The end of application for the 2013/2014 Winter semester is the 27.09.2013. The events are at the htw campus in old Saarbrucken and on campus University of applied sciences Kaiserslautern, held at the site of Zweibrucken. For more information about the admission requirements and application, the timing of the study and the individual modules are to find on the following Internet page? page_id = 1082. The course is developed step by step, so that the actors soon can build an accredited master’s degree on him after the start-up phase. More information: content and structure of the course: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Weber Tel: 0681/58 67-908 E-Mail: registration and applicants Administration: Institute of scientific training of the HTW of Saarland Goebenstrasse 40 66117 Saarbrucken telephone: (0681) 58 67-137 fax: (0681) 58 67-659 email: Saarbrucken, 15.07.


When Sebastian lost kindergarten, his mother was the least surprised, since it was she who made the tasks of his son while he watched television and played at home.This is one of the biggest mistakes parents make: think that help is to do tasks by children.According to Rosa Julia Guzman, Director of master of pedagogy of the University of la Sabana, most importantly accompany the child at the time of that activity and guide him when he needs it.First and foremost, it is essential to know that when they are younger than 5 years, only children should have tasks that need 15 minutes of dedication, since this is your maximum time of concentration.In this case, rather than thinking in that it will do so, parents should review it what weaknesses has the youngest, so that, with the help of the teachers, it can improve.These little ones need to create a few study habits, and what better that doing so through the accompaniment, enthusiasm, love of study and learning. If it is made from early age, the infant will learn about discipline and responsibility.And it is that those should be some objectives of the tasks at home, that children learn values, which will help them cope with their future studies.For this reason, teach them to be ordained, to have a certain time of study, a time of rest and a suitable place away from the TV will be key in the process of adaptation in school.Because that is what makes these small tasks of paint, cut and draw: prepare the small that soon will become a preschool.When already children entering primary, parents must be more pending their children and, every day, before going to bed, notebooks review together, accomplish the tasks and review as seen in class.Therefore, give confidence to his son. Explain that you believe that he can only, but that you want to accompany him. Credit: American filmmaker-2011. Allow, through tasks, you create a greater family connection.Tasks for the Padresdigale the child who never hide a task, I always You must have time to do it.The small must never receive awards by making activities, is a liability.Never punish your child for a bad note. Helping you improve.Tasks that a child should do according to his rich sofia edadAura, medical specialist in child development, explains the activities for children.Before age 2, children should not have school commitments, but activities where learning is immersed in the game: scratch, RIP, paint, draw.

In addition to crawl, run and jump. Additional information is available at Richard Linklater. Recommended, for their games, clays and sand materials.After 4 years they recognize concepts of color, shape, size, and they can do activities with lotteries, simple puzzles and dominoes.5 Years have new skills, primarily in the language, which allows them to perform tasks more bold and more time working.Estimuleloel reinforcement of tasks at home will allow your child a best school learning. Congratulate you for the effort and no result.Atencionsi the tasks of his son become a tragedy, inquire, no scolding, what is happening. Do not let this move forward..

Monterrey School

Remained so always a proactivity of extension through workshops, seminars, lectures, in which involved several times in order to project to the school, the image of the same Faculty of chemistry. Aspect, which I think it should be very effective, since it is an effective way to publicize the Community achievements, also link in pro provide answers, solutions, to problems in the region of the business sector by then. Established an agreement among teachers who formed the first floor of teachers (where I was involved in some chairs), the importance of which the transmission of knowledge shall bring about to new ones, to conduct research, linked with the problems, needs of the business sector in the region. Long term agreed, Service Advisory, consulting on management topics, as well as training professionals with courses, workshops in company development. Never lost perspective view in each of the chairs the possibilities of transforming into business units that conducive to school with income that you would count with modern audiovisual media, books and their teacher were true guarantor of the services provided, as facilitators of academic excellence. Remained always the opening search for experienced teachers, I try to persuade the EGADE, some were willing to help us, once already instituted, running the school.

Always considered the possibility of a rapprochement with EGADE in order to strengthen the postgraduate courses in the region, had scheduled meetings, conferences, exchanges, research (Aspect that I do not know as they have tried) In my capacity as Acting Coordinator once the engineer Ricardo Delgado appointed me I went to the Tec to talk with Dr. Gonzalez Arce to expose our concerns of rapprochement and collaboration of teachers and exchanges, aspect that said would consider it. On one occasion in an educational meeting that took place in Monterrey, we had the opportunity to participate and meet with EGADE. Meeting where we released on EGAII. I have NO knowledge about who were the first graduates of the master in management, but to them my sincere congratulations and thanks for your perseverance, for being initiators of a project that is now a reality for the greatness of Mexico.

Medical School

Onetto, where they were practically trying to expel it, which demonstrates, little seriousness scientist of whom they stay orthodox and enclaustrados in positivistas sciences, that at this one time still they let much say, letting see this way its ignorance as far as which the parapsicologa involves. Perhaps the members of the Medical School, ignored that the Dr. Onetto, represented Chile in an event where investigators met very known in the world-wide scope of the Parapsicologa and it presented/displayed a serious work on his realised investigations in quack medicine in Chile, in which well I am informed by to have participated sometimes with the subject experimenter. For more specific information, check out Richard Linklater. It is for that reason, that I have made east article, where is tried to give to a general vision of the quack medicine and its roll within the modern parapsicolgica investigation, being for another opportunity all concerning the conducted operations the Philippine healers mainly. The necessity to cure itself when one is ill, is an evident fact in all normal being, of, that in all time different means have existed to obtain it, is enough here that we give one him leafed through to the history of the medicine and we will find antecedents, that they confirm such affirmation, as well as in the religious books, that are where antecedent majors we manage to analyze the quack medicine, and mainly, because the present one, the one that is more in fashion, bond of spiritual foundations, to be applied, at least in which I have tried to investigate combined alo that other parapsiclogos they have obtained and contributed. Exactly, of this last one I have been worth to carry out a work of investigation related to the Santera and the spiritism, where, the faith carries out a determining roll in the treatment of the people, helped of the rituals and all those channels that they predispose to the individual patient to harmonize, to rescue his health. Levi’s shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Early Stimulation In The Family And School

The family is the first encourages early stimulation in a baby. The child will receive all stimuli from their environment and incorporate them into your experiences that will give origin to new learnings on how everything works. When the parents decide to take the child to a center of early stimulation, it is important that they are involved in the child’s learning, why you should take the same path in activities and even in the form of treatment. When a child is behaving sweet and affectionate with the educators, and at home makes tantrums and does not obey, that means that something it is wrong, that are taking different paths, both at home and in Center of early stimulation. Requires good communication and action between the parties. So teachers and specialists should participate actively, giving information to parents of what is being done and why.

Anyway, parents are obliged to support and follow the instructions offered by the Center. Have or adopt a commitment oriented towards the well-being of the child, with suggested activities, with recommendations, with activities aimed at behaviour modification. These are obligations that has a center of early stimulation with the family: Guide to parents about the stages of development that has the child, activities and appropriate materials to be used and why. Methods used to treat about behavior, feeding, and pedagogy of each child according to the context where unfolds and the individual characteristics of each child. The needs and demands of the family must be heard while maintaining mutual respect, with an open dialogue.

Integrate the family in the achievements that the child has had, motivating their participation in activities shared with the entire group. Make workshops to inform her host family, related topics of interest to them, answering all their questions. Use simple words so that the family can understand. They don’t have to dominate educational terms, not It costs us to explain them more easily, the main idea is to solve doubts, not create them. Generate between parents and the specialist, moments of reflections and opinions, using different group techniques.

Harvard Medical School

It is not that eating at night is the problem, it is the extra calories that Excel in daily calorie intake. These calories additional, usually from foods high in fat, only stored as visceral fat for the next day. The best way to cut the sandwiches to lose visceral fat is make sure that not eating so early and that you feel obliged to snack before bed. Waiver of nicotine smoke is a toxic habit and toxins can accumulate in the visceral fat and is slowly released back into your body. American filmmaker has compatible beliefs. This can cause breast cancer, diseases of the heart and asthma, among other things. If you are smoking, consider this: a study of the 2010 completed by Harvard Medical School indicated that smokers are more likely to develop fat in the stomach than in other parts of the body, which means more visceral fat. Exercise with high intensity activities how to lose visceral fat cannot be achieved without regular exercise and daily activity.

Adding at least 40 minutes of exercise a day, as well as a more active lifestyle, in general, you can reduce your percentage of body fat, which will reduce the amount of visceral fat stored in your body. Visceral fat loss requires effort and if you’re not willing to put that effort it will be virtually impossible to get rid of it. You need to burn more calories than you consume in order to get rid of that internal fat, which means that you need to become a physically active person. You can lose visceral fat fast doing a high-intensity activity like swimming, running, jumping rope, handball and cycling. An hour of these activities can help you to burn over 1,000 calories and lose visceral fat.

Adopt a healthy diet when it comes to lose visceral fat is so important that you eat a healthy diet. To reduce your fat intake and the intake of empty calories by only the calories that your body needs to work you a little limp, you can begin to lose visceral fat. A healthy diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats and lean proteins. But should also include reducing sugar at much less than what you probably eat now. Replaces the sugar with products as the stevia which will help you to lose fat visceral. The dedication and perseverance one thing you have to remember about how to lose visceral fat is that you have to be dedicated to her. Unlike the fat around the thighs or buttocks, visceral fat can be hazardous to your health and requires more attention than traditional weight loss. Pay attention to what you eat and takes a more active life. Reduze consumption not healthy habits such as excessive drinking and smoking if you want to lose fat visceral. Also you must reduce and eventually eliminate processed foods?fast from your diet in a fair effort to lose visceral fat. You will need a period of adjustment to get used to this way of life, but after a few weeks, when you start to see and feel the results of a healthier life will find you it much easier, and seguiras a lifestyle that you teach. How to lose the visceral fat fast.

Inter School

Thus being, this work does not have the pretension to carry through an exhausting boarding of this so important subject. It is intended that it is a reflection for the problem of (in) disciplines pertaining to school, in the attempt of a bigger comprometimento of the basic elements of the educative action: professors, pupils, school and society, as a pledge of educative practical one of more coherent and efficient Religious Ensino, in a transreligiosa cosmoviso holistic of the being. It is in this source the development of this monographic production, whose first chapter mentions a historical briefing to it of Religious Ensino in Brazil and of its legal aspects until the current days, analyzing that in elapsing of the historicidade of the humanity, Religious education was strong present in the diverse dimensions of the life. The analysis understood in as the chapter focus the pluri-cultural identity of Religious Ensino: its cultural-religious diversity, its proper identity and recital, the pedagogical boarding in the school and the classroom of the religious phenomenon. Visit Kindle Direct Publishing for more clarity on the issue. The third chapter approaches Religious Ensino and Disciplina in the public school: the classroom as appropriate place to a transreligioso education, the quarrel about disciplines as half of education or repression, instrument of the school or the society discipline and it that we long for, thus trying, to better understand these marcantes phenomena in our society. They had been salient in the room chapter to the presentation of the proposal to the one Ensino Transreligioso: the Inter-religious dialogue and its definition, religious education as area of the knowledge to transdisciplinar and a quarrel in the vygotskyana optics. In all the chapters, have bibliographical indications criteriosamente selected and of great value for posterior investigations. We finish not with established conclusion, but with final consideraes concerning the dissertado subject considering viable actions or suggestions, in order to subsidize governmental and not governmental schools, professors and institutions, and too much people interested in injunctions.

Preschool Educational Standards

The value is also clear that has the reading and the writing like condition so that the people reach better educative levels and can continue learning during all their life; as access road to the information and the knowledge and it bases indispensable for the development of the labor competitions enable that them to carry out a work. This improvement of the educative level and the capacity to learn of the subjects it contributes to improve the well-being and the productivity of each and has shown to have positive effects in the social development and economic of a country. From one more a more individual and social perspective, the written language represents in addition, an instrument that allows us to enter communication with that they lived in other times or that they are not physically present The dominion of the written language qualifies the opinion and the capacity of judgment of the apprentice, ample its possibilities of participation and it constitutes a condition for the exercise of the citizen rights. For all these reasons the reading can be affirmed that and the writing is an antidote against the marginality and a way towards the social inclusion. To read and to write are not a luxury nor an obligation: they are right. Rights that must be guaranteed so that the children and children of our country can get to be men and free women, citizen and citizen of a world in which the linguistic and cultural differences they are considered like a wealth and not like a defect..

Keltia School

Studying makeup professionally can be really exciting. Lots of people today know how to apply makeup since it is something that is usually done on a daily basis. Even so, many techniques that could help you to enhance your beauty are not known by everyone and a make-up course will provide you with the theoretical and practice necessary. If you are looking for a professional makeup school, in Spain there are many academies at the private level. Nike may not feel the same. Virtually all of them have a wide variety of modules and in some you can even specialize.

From the school of Montserrat Fajardo to Cazcarra, Maria Amaro, Thuya, Keltia, Imatge 21, Harpo, Style studio, Stick Art Studio, Trhuko and the Association of Spanish make-up artists. Some of these schools are dedicated to makeup for TV or dish, while others focus more on fashion and catwalk or makeup for photography. Keltia make-up school, for example, is dedicated to this last. Get more background information with materials from KDP. In the Thuya Academy you will learn make-up and hairdressing. Harpo It is entirely dedicated to caratericacion, hairdressing of era and hairpieces, something that fascinates many people.

Salvador Segui in Barcelona is an Institute where you can perform a degree means in terms of characterization refers. As you’ll see, each school has its idiosyncrasies and you must really think is that most suits you. If you have any doubts, ask students which they will advise you. Think that you will spend time making these courses and is very important to do a good planning. Once you have the list that you like, flame by phone and well find out how courses are taught. They are more practical than theoretical? Do they offer the possibility to work once completed? You have to provide you the kit and other accessories or the school puts these? All these questions and more must be clarified before starting your course. The author details: Visit cursomaquillaje.net for more information on courses of professional makeup in Spain.

The School

For which needs to concentrate on his own educational reality, and rethinking about what they can do to improve it and thus respond to the demands of the knowledge society in 21st century. With respect to the previous approach, review of specialized literature, agrees that a distinctive feature of current educational policies is structural conditions for lifelong learning in all subjects. In particular Tedesco (1999) proposes to assume that traditional social representation on education, we must educate ourselves throughout life, that no learning is definitive and that access to knowledge does not guarantee social ascent, modifies deeply (p. 45). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Linklater. Similarly, we are witnessing a global scenario of profound changes impacting in a narrower sense to educational policies and reforms and, hence, to the school and its dynamics of distribution of social knowledge. This new order based on knowledge generates a depletion in the traditional styles of making education, stressing the same structure of knowledge management that takes place at the school.

From this perspective, raising the educational institution as a social space, it is important to note that the school itself is a historical construction oriented to solve the problem of the cultural heritage to the younger generations, the school is, the space of socialization that works with the knowledge society requires to consolidate in time according to the plans and policies of the State. From another point of view, there are a number of approaches to the school as an organization that gives reference to the structures, processes and objectives, system of relations and whose theoretical approaches focus its analysis on the limitation of organizational structures pyramidal, hierarchical and cited; against the development of autonomous, flexible and dynamic structures to address the processes of emerging changes (Gairin, 1996).