Federal Constitutional Court

Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter lawyers inform the Federal Constitutional Court has expanded the rights of fathers of illegitimate children in July 2010. In her momentous ruling (BVerfG, 1 BvR 420/09) the judges in Karlsruhe overturned the previous legal regulation, according to the fathers of illegitimate children for a joint custody on the consent of the mother depended on, regardless of the welfare of children affected. Against this background, all German courts are obliged to give both parents a common Sorgeecht, if this is in the interest of the well-being of the child. The law firm Danielleeee & judge family law specialists on the example of a judgment of the Berlin Chamber Court of February 07, 2011 illustrate how the guidelines are put into practice by Germany’s highest court. The verdict of the Berlin Chamber Court was referring to the lament of a father who asked for joint custody of his son run October 2007-to the world.

The mother of the child resisted the desire and had so far refused a joint statement of concern to submit that the father parental concern would have participate. This was even before the creation of the new legal situation by the Federal Constitutional Court by the competent family court deemed legal have been. The child’s father coveted participation of parental anxiety, since this best was his view after the well-being of the child. ils and insights. He argued that he could promote the development of his son due to his personal character, his education and his commitment. Still heard the child with his support so far an excellent development.

It is in the interests of the child if it do him in important decisions about his lifestyle as a equal parent. This could achieved only through a sharing of parental anxiety. In its ruling, the Berlin Chamber Court relied on the legal situation created by the Federal Constitutional Court. As long as there would be no revision of the relevant legal provisions, the joint had two parents at the request of a parent Custody related to if this is recommended for the well-being of the child. In the negotiated lawsuit it looked at this as a given. Since the birth of his son, the father of the child have a trust relationship with the child. He was also undoubtedly willing and able to the best care for his son. It would be best if both parents as exemplary orientation person could be experienced, alike to take influence on important decisions the well-being of the child. From article 6 par. II GG resulting parental rights of the father, the Court reviewed higher than the interest of the mother to an interference-free upbringing of the child. The spirit of compromise necessary for the exercise of joint custody is to ask her as well as the father of the child. The Court therefore gave the desires of the father to participate in the parental right. Is arguing before courts to the custody of children, all parties should sure be sure an experienced legal assistance.


Where come bow and arrow at all, and one of the oldest ways to people served why one can exert this sport at any age the classical hunting with arrow and bow which, to achieve success in killing wild animals. This technique became increasingly refined, because, unlike the hand – or sling weapons convinced an arc as that envisioned targets could be made over long distances. For this reason, archers were employed in military conflicts of the ancient world and the early modern period as powerful forces. A brief history of archery in earlier times curves were used as banned, for at least 14,000 years. From all periods and in different regions were found relics, which let the use of arrow and ARC drawing conclusions. During the modern times a veritable art of archery which focused not only on Europe. In the middle ages were formed special schools for the learning of the archery, also due to the need for protecting the defense and attack fortified positions. The invention of gunpowder and the development of small arms fire displaced the bow from the field of warfare and made him also on the hunt for a rather infamous weapon.

But completely displaced the archery never was, especially at the beginning of the 19th century former hunting and war weapon was discovered as a sports equipment and experienced a real boom. Since then has the archery can establish itself as a sport and is exercised at the summer Olympics. A variety of variations developed clubs and sports communities to archery with the sporting orientation, where the archery in the amateurs as well as professionals will be exercised. The individual categories are carried out by organizations and associations and managed. The combinations can be both to the shooting of individuals as also groups shooting, the aim of which is to specified requirements under the respective conditions reach.

Differentiated is by type and the way the standings based on fixed rules and after the execution of the used type of bow. Traditionally the a rating using traced scales will allow in particular on fixed targets shot. But also the so-called shooting with field sheets, the 3D shooting outdoors and clout shooting, roving and flight shooting are possible as official disciplines for laypersons and professionals. The evaluation of the individual categories is very different and allows individual choices for beginners, according to the interests and inclinations. However, the overarching aim of archery is equal in all disciplines. Aims through training and performance enhancement, that all steps of the sequence of shot safely and routinely expire. The main characteristics of the sport are internalize maximum relaxation and concentration to even firing sequences with long-term growth and to make maintaining the personal performance. Archery whats for all The enthusiasm for archery is still unbroken. Finally, the sport combines a wide variety of people who train together for the differentiated claims that the sport of performing that. Due to the wide-ranging variations, it is possible to start by age and gender, as well as the initial condition independent archery. In addition, trains not only the physical condition of dealing with bow and arrow, but requires protecting skill and concentration. Not least for this reason, archery also for therapeutic purposes for the medical field was discovered. So is the archery for a wide range of athletes as challenging and exciting activity.

Berets – French Flair In Outfits Bring

French fashion is always something very special France and particularly the city of Paris are already for many years, known to be a focal point for the world of fashion. Here are new trends that are particularly beautiful and in which look really can be. Just such fashion classics like the beret originating in France and used today yet again as special accessories that most elements of French fashion also the Beret is really timeless and can be reused simply, especially if you already very likes this look and bring similarly other basics into play, which fit this well. A little French is always a great idea to bring flair in the own look definitely because on the one hand can not much wrong making, on the other hand, you have but really many ways become wonderfully chic, over and over again to combine and just a little experiment, what in the The fashion world is anyway mostly a good idea. Berets are here, for example, that they exist in many different colors and designs, both bright and striking, as well as subtly and chic so that you have also quite many different ways, how you can help these hats, which looks and what occasions you can use it and what effect you want to achieve.

It’s always easy, finding the appropriate basis for the respective look, then also wonderful accents can be with a such great hat, which make something special out of your outfit and make sure that it falls into the eye and draws envious glances. You need of course a little sense of what fits and which rather not so good combinations for this, but with a little practice you have the hang of what’s that usually quickly out. The Beret is even some military uniforms, because it is virtually indestructible and requires very little maintenance, but Basically, the beret has no military origin. Meanwhile the beret to the headgear of the intellectual and the artist has blossomed around the world. But others swear by this kind of headgear. Berets are just a special headgear. Berets are folding or also on castors and therefore also to travel extremely practical, because you can easily put it in a bag and hat but avoid damage..

Commercial Premises

Lawyer Alexander Bredereck, Berlin to costs accounting in commercial spaces: What deadlines apply here? For many years, we operate primarily focusing on labour and tenancy law as lawyers. We deepen this experience through regular training and constant technical exchange. So we can already settle possible points of contention when designing your contracts and your terms and conditions in its favour. Has in a recent decision of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH, judgment of 27.1.2010 XII ZR 22/07) decided that in the commercial space leasing the period of 556 paragraph 3 sentence 3 BGB, stating that the landlord with claims costs order is excluded, if billing is not within one year after the end of the accounting period, does not apply. It follows that the lessor in principle also for longer historical periods can be still operating expense and the lessee thereof must equalize resulting additional tax amounts. Arises in the course of this decision the question which now limits for the settlement of costs in the commercial law of tenancy? First of all, it is to terminate the lease.

If there a specific billing period has been agreed, this shall apply. Is not agreed upon deadline, the landlord of the advance payments must settle within a reasonable period of time. The appropriate deadline regularly to the expiry of one year after the end of the billing period. What are the implications of a delayed billing in the commercial law of tenancy? A delayed billing does not cause that the landlord with an additional tax is excluded. The landlord defaults the settlement, the tenant can take to the landlord on a settlement claim (claim for settlement grant). He can also make the ongoing costs prepaid.

Tenant Tip: think about whether you take the landlord grant a settlement claim. This is regularly only makes sense if you expect credits from the operating expenses. Tip owners: If you too long with the operating expenses wait can forfeit claims on payment. If a period is agreed in the lease, you should meet the deadline anyway. Is not agreed upon deadline, you should make at least if you expect an additional within one year after the end of the accounting period the settlement. A post by lawyer for rental and property law Alexander polymath and lawyer Dr. Attila Fodor Berlin-Mitte. Polymath Willkomm lawyers Berlin-Charlottenburg: Kurfurstendamm 216 (corner of pheasant road), 10719 Berlin (Metro station Uhlandstrasse, suburban trains and Metro station Zoologischer Garten) Berlin-Mitte: Palais am Festungsgraben, 10117 Berlin, access via road under den Linden (rail and subway station Friedrichstrasse) Branch Office Berlin-Marzahn: Marzahn promenade 28, 12679 Berlin (Bahn Marzahn) Potsdam: Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 33, 14469 Potsdam Tel. (030) 4 000 4 999 E-mail: everything to the tenancy:

Carriers Make Usable

Engaged for the real time process chaining medium-sized forwarders Hallbergmoos-Munchen, November 23, 2012 the logistical processes along the supply chain in real time to link the realtime process network supported by the Bavarian State Government, EURO-LOG, several medium-sized forwarders and the Fraunhofer engage Institute in the so called Realtime process network”. From the area of the logistics provider 24plus system transports, Logwin solutions, the shipping attend Spedition LODE and the Wolf project. Scientific side advance the Fraunhofer working group for supply chain services (SCS) and the Fraunhofer Institute for applied and integrated security (AISEC) “Realtime Process Network”. The research project aims to develop an innovative and collaborative, cloud based realtime process network carriers in the cargo market and to test in practice. The early usability of process-relevant data is important for trucking companies.

Promote the project in the course of the Technology support programme in information and communication technology”Bavaria. Currently, the transmission of data is still largely batchorientiert”upon completion of a process step. That not enough however, to plan capacity and resources in advance. Why is the objective of the collaborative network, intelligent to use real-time data to work more economically. Real time information are in the realtime process network as such understood that exist before reaching the full process result or a complete process step. These can then be used to better plan and not on the basis of experience but on the actual load. Long-term benefits are to be achieved for the participating carriers.

Thus, the research project offers the possibility of a higher competitiveness medium-sized forwarders by real time IT structures. This is to be implemented through future-oriented cloud technologies. Flexible, standardized integration of Data from existing, local IT systems by different partners are through the cloud quickly and safely usable. The company cross-linkage also via cloud services so that all information at any time provided the authorized partners.

Meter Testo

High end device for measurements on gas and water mains pipes and valves in gas and water systems must be checked in accordance with the statutory provisions on a regular basis on their tightness and operability. These tests also apply to new hires or significant changes to the system. This previously available measuring instruments are characterized by highly precise sensors, which often require complex handling. Easier-to-use devices that deliver mostly relatively inaccurate measuring results. This discrepancy between ease of use on the one hand and precise measurements on the other hand triggers the allround measuring instrument testo 324 in multiple ways. A flow sensor, an absolute pressure sensor and two pressure sensors up to 1 bar open the entire spectrum of leakage measurements, measurements of pressure and absolute pressure measurements of gas and water pipes.

For example, to measure the flow sensor, even the smallest gas flows ranging heat duties. Any Air pressure fluctuations caused by weather or altitude, be compensated by the absolute pressure meter. In addition allows the sensor technology of the testo 324 a quick, yet comprehensive usability testing. Additional probe connections for a high pressure probe for pressure tests in liquid or gaseous media with up to 25 bar or optional external temperature measurements are available on the device. Currently only electronic device manufacturer, Testo offers 324 for testo a corresponding to EN 806-4 probe, which is intended for the inspection of drinking water pipelines. Patrick Scholl, product manager in the area of gas and particles: Safe measurement enjoy absolute priority with us.

Therefore, we have in the testo 324 designed a highly secure single feeding device. With a built-in pump and the gas a feeding device leakage measurements take place independent of the mains. The gas supply in the system prevents the emergence of a dangerous Gas-Luft-Gemischs. There is no risk for users and customers this. After the measurement can that be fed back is in the pipe gas into the system. So a gas leak in the area is prevented, which in turn would have a negative impact on the gas detector”. Also the operation of the testo 324 stopped deliberately easily without having the user must give on important device properties. The menu is represented individually and in logical steps on the color display for each measurement. All legal guidelines for the appropriate measurement procedures are stored in the measuring programs and be retrieved automatically. With the testo 324 are not only the methods of measurement a very high safety standard, but also the corresponding documentation options. The device memory allows a custom mapping of the results with the measurement locations. The test reports to other devices can be transferred via USB or Bluetooth. A special Testo software allows systematic data management on the PC or laptop. Very pragmatically, the transport of the testo is 324, because all relevant parts are compact housed in only the case of a device, wear what is comfortable and space when transporting saves.

Germany Package

Boersennews.de user bundle for majority unfair the Federal Republic of Germany has a problem: she’s immense debt. This problem does not only exist since yesterday and is also well known. However, new debt were adopted with each new federal budget, so that the debt has been increasing. Recently, the Federal Government has decided therefore a savings package. This was perceived by large sections of the population as anti-social.

The Exchange Portal boersennews.de on this occasion 3091 investors interviewed, what they think of the austerity package. The debt of the Federal Republic of Germany has adopted in the last few decades slowly but continuously gargantuan proportions. According to German taxpayers, he is currently approximately 1.7 trillion euros. To get finances back under control, the Federal Government has adopted an austerity package. It was decided to save 80 billion euros over the next four years. This corresponds to EUR 20 billion per year. It has hit particularly hard the benefits. That was so Transitional allowance of unemployment unemployment benefits 2 1 being cancelled and reduced the parental allowance.

The number of soldiers of the Bundeswehr is to be reduced by 40,000 soldiers and the Federal Government should delete until 2014 15,000 points. This industrial subsidies like the coal subsidies and Bank aid should remain untouched. Many people feel as unjust, which confirmed also the survey of boesennews.de users: 3091 participants believed 2499, that the austerity package it was socially unjust. This is equivalent to about 81 percent of all respondents. The remaining 592 participants thought was the measures just. More information: blog.boersennews.de/…/ Investor survey… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


Practice test: manufacturer awarded at CeBIT Rottweil 2010, March 16, 2010 MailDepot, the email archiving solution of REDDOXX, obtained the TuV certified archiving. The certificate is evidence of the fulfillment of highest safety standards in the email archiving. The solution met all test criteria and convinced the jury with its broad range of functions. Consult Bonn GmbH on CeBIT got 2010 presented the certificate by the TuV body tekit REDDOXX. The MailDepot is part of the REDDOXX solution suite. It is for example in combination with the MailSealer able to archive both encrypted and decrypted messages.

Spamfinder license offers virus protection for all mailboxes, by means of the patented technology of the CISS sustainable spam protection. Full-text search searches e-mail messages in the mailbox and all text based attachments in seconds. Extensive sorting and ordering of messages is not required. All emails will be automatically and permanently in a independent Archives saved from the mail server. With usage of MailDepot have meet all legal requirements that apply binding for years. Background of the verification emails have become in the digital age one of the most important communication media.

The loss of business email and thus sensitive data often leads to enormous economic as well as image-related damage. Legal guidelines oblige companies therefore protecting and archiving electronic mail. Because documents and emails offer including commercial and tax-related evidence of business transactions. On basis of the AO, the GoB or for audits after BASEL II these documents are essential. The TuV certification confirmed the implementation of simple and reliable permanent email archiving of REDDOXX MailDepot. The objective and neutral mark of TuV Saarland checked legally-compliant archiving and distinguishes archiving solutions with a quality seal. This confirms a revision-safe, Compliance-compliant archiving. The criteria of the TuV testing of REDDOXX MailDepot takes place according to the current criteria of the catalogue of requirements TuV certified archiving”, IT-Grundschutz, ISO 27002, and the requirements for commercial documents. As a basis for testing were used among other things: the tax code (AO), the German commercial code (HGB), the principles of data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU), the principles of proper accounting (GoBs), as well as the value added tax Act (UStG). Imagery can see requested or under… be obtained. About REDDOXX: The REDDOXX GmbH produces and distributes the email protector since 2005, the 100% spam free email archiving with a security guarantee. The unique combination consisting of is successfully in use spam and virus protection, email archiving, encryption and digital signature in an appliance now at over 75,000 users in Germany alone. More Information: REDDOXX GmbH Dirk Zerenner saline 29, D-78628 Rottweil phone: + 49 (0) 7 41/2 48-838 E-Mail: Internet:

Clothing – The Effective Giveaway

The next important step to publish this product on the highly competitive market is successful through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you have designed a new product with your company. But before this can happen, you must ensure that your product at all can sell because it will be initially unknown, which means nobody can buy it. However all new products have this problem no matter how perfectly they fit in a gap in the market. Therefore, an intensive advertising campaign is essential to increase awareness, as well as the popularity of your products and brands. There are many different ways to make a very successful advertising campaign, so you can use such as clothing to increase the success of advertising. However you must follow a number of important points, to really get the effect with the advertising, which it had also intended.

So, for example, the choice of textiles is a crucial factor which must be taken into account in any case. Generally, must man, so that the resources that are used in the advertising campaign, a good effect, adjust the appropriate resources to the interests and needs of the target group. Therefore the promotional gifts will please the people very well and they are quickly love the freebies, just like your entire company. The clothing can help also in different ways, because planning must be initially also yeah, what people you ever wants to promote. Here however, the selection of textiles can be adapted on different target groups. A particularly important advantage that many companies make to benefit at the present time, is that you can give away the clothes to their own employees. The seem no great influence on the company at first glance to have, if you look closer, you will see how awesome is this idea. As a special advantage of the clothing is that it will motivate the employees of your company in this case.

The fabrics can be made in the most diverse ways and can therefore exert a particularly effective on its own workforce. If specially personalise the textiles, for example, in the shirt print the name of the recipient, as well as the Department on every Polo or better yet embroider, you will not only impress the recipient of the shirts, but he will feel honored, he gets a gift, and will understand it as recognition for his hard work. Thus, these employees in the future will work more effectively and more on the goals of your company. The clothing also ensures that your individual departments understand as a team, which means that it will work even better, and the teamwork within your company is significantly improved because the shirts in this case seem like the shirts of sports teams. Also will be noticeably in this way the work ethic and the atmosphere in your entire company. But the best try it yourself, because you’ll love guaranteed be, if you notice, how easy it is to work out a particularly excellent advertising campaign this way.

Mobile Phone

More and more people eagerly await the LTE network. Mobile Internet has gained considerably in recent years to new users. More and more people not do without also traveling on the mobile Internet or would gladly go on Facebook, StudiVZ or similar contact. What many people however do not know, it is possible that in Germany mobile surf the Internet can be for many years. At the beginning of the era of the mobile Internet, the GSM was power. In the GSM network could surf the Internet user with a maximum speed of 56 kbit / s.

This speed was adequate for the conditions because the phones could represent only WAP Web pages. On WAP Web pages was only the ability to enter text. In a display of pictures or even videos wasn’t thinking. Vladislav Doronin does not necessarily agree. The GSM standard was superseded by the mobile radio standard UMTS. UMTS is the third generation mobile communications standard, and is therefore gladly with 3 G abgebkurzt. In the UMTS network can a speed of up to 384 kbit / s reach be. At David G. DeWalt you will find additional information.

Thanks to various extensions, however, is the chance that the speed level can be increased up to DSL. A speed can be achieved with the help of HSDPA in some cities of up to 14.4 Mbit / s. A new mobile communications standard in Germany will however be available from 2011. There is talk of LTE. Maximum speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s can be achieved with the help of LTE in the download. Mobile operators remove the LTE cellular with high pressure. Some vendors try that already to the end of 2010 with LTE in the Internet can be surfed. Christopher Heinsius