Rap As It Is

Hip-hop – the greatest culture has captured the huge mass of all segments of the population born in the streets of troubled neighborhoods. Is not it surprising that the movement that originated among aforamerikantse in the South Bronx now possessed even by people with very decent and well-being on it the same is not made one billion? Why did this happen? I think that because of mass and multi-directional, See part (and most likely primary) hip-hop culture Rap is music, music of protest music that affects the social aspects of concern to many people, the music is telling about their lives. People are pleased to hear about themselves, even though it is not always the words of joy. Given the movement – the movement truth in rap writer aka MC (Master of Ceremony) is not constrained than not, he's not afraid to tell the truth, he reads about and sees what I saw on the streets and in everyday life, for it is his and love. In New York on pocheve rap unfolded entire war (gansta rap) striking example is the war between the western and the eastern coast which resulted in the death of a great rapper Shakur 2Ras on the one hand and the Notorious BIG with another. Because of the huge public response, manifested even greater interest this on board. The nineties were the years for rap in which it occurred commercialization striking example of this is the Puff Daddy and Other performers came after him and picked up the wave. But not only the music is one of hip-hop culture. It includes the kinds of dances and ralichnye such as: Break Dance, Crump, C-Walk, waving. Art of graffiti which diversifies the bright colors of ordinary gray streets. All this is undoubtedly attracted to hip-hop young (and not only), creative people are ready to realize its full potential without a trace.