A Coup Against Democracy?

After the revolution, and now ask the dismissal of Islamist fundamentalist President, analysis of developments and reactions to overthrow of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their effect on the situation of the Christians of the developments in Egypt including the actual positive change opportunities for the Christians and for the democratic process. The deposed feckless Mursi, was elected in elections which were an attempt to run off freely. However, many Christians were prevented by Islamists in the elections and many cases were announced, pointed to counterfeiting and illegalities. They occurred at a time in which the non-Islamist forces were divided and were directed against any traces of the old regime in the euphoria. Mursi could prove just as President of his voters and certainly offered the Christians in practice any protection. If the Foreign Minister referred to the new facts as a “serious setback for democracy in Egypt”, so I wonder him that democracy he means? Was there ever a democracy in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood? The confrontation over the long term at all preventable? When Westerwelle also warns that no social group there should be ruled out, so he has forgotten the violent groups in this unilateral declaration, certainly should be excluded, since these represent the rule of law and non-violence in question. Since the takeover of the Muslim brothers have become a means of power Blasphemie-allegations of a marginal phenomenon, wrote the ISHR in the June issue of your hand for human rights”. Seven death sentences for blasphemy are known of the ISHR.

This motivated persecution, are certainly politically and religiously to Shariah ‘ a-Paragraphen based, but concealed the Foreign Office and the German media. We cannot speak of achievements, except the begrenzt-free elections and the fall of the Mubarak regime and his corrupt party. Because the Revolution was raped by the Islamists. .