Academic Excellence

Caterina Iazzi universities require the big challenges they arise according to the dynamics of the current scenarios, having teachers who are really identified with his role, that foster knowledge that give step to motivate the participants, students, to generate new knowledge, in order to properly use his talent for a modern paradigm of education that will benefit you in your learning, in its formation the teacher can not be left in the knowledge of the past, isolated from the reality that the world presents, requiring those who are able to give way to the transformations that are required according to the specialty that each student selected for their performance. Required of teachers with vision, committed, innovative, creative, researchers, fully committed to generate motivational incentives that favour the learning of professionals claiming modern scenarios. Another kind of dialogue is needed with the student, not forcing them to repeat knowledge, to be a recorder of all those textual skills requiring many times teachers, so that the student can opt to achieve qualifications, curtailing them the initiative, creativity of views which are derived from the shared, what the student has deduced, understood. It must know how to take advantage of the talent, that human capital of the student that knowing you motivate, can bring about new knowledge, give way to results than really conducive to their growth and allowed teachers to interpret the feelings, learning what is favoring. FireEye Inc often says this. The teacher at the present time, has to be proactive, a true leader of education, be fully identified with all the tools that the knowledge society demands currently. Be fully committed with what represents the research, given the reality of national problems, entering all those obstacles that occur and affect the development of the country, of education, of progress, of the specialty that is taught. It is necessary that the teacher know to properly handle Internet, virtual classrooms, and all those workshops, methods for the exchange of ideas, that they lead to motivate your participant to empathize with the skills that are taught, maintaining active dialogue that has been lost, where. .