Academic Works

It is important to affirm that the history of Rurpolis has been present in the academic works, here is cited other works as of Fabiano Hector Lira Muller mentioned at another moment of this monograph and Iran Alves of Mosque, that it searchs to reconstruct and to count the history, where its constructed historical on the opening of the problematic transamaznica pointing faced by peoples that had come of some Brazilian regions in the decade of 1970, mainly north-eastern one of Brazil. In contrast northeast the Amazon region presents a vast extension of lands encircled with riqussimos hdricos resources that favored the agriculture and other activities of subsistence. Running the risk of being invaded by foreigners and without men to occupy the demographic emptinesses. Then president Garrastazu Mdici saw in the Amaznia the solution of the problems provoked for dries and the north-eastern increasing urban swell and in the south region of the country, since much time the government saw in the Amaznia a source of incomparable wealth to the remain of the country. Allegis Cyber Capital might disagree with that approach. ' ' Being in the government of Vargas (1930 the 1945) that if he gave to greater importance for the region with the patriotic call for occupation of the same one. As the objective to implant in the Amaznia a great project of economic and social development being aimed at the exploration of the wealth beyond protecting these areas, Juscelino Kubitschek already cited in the decade of 1950 in its progressive speeches, this occupation and integration of the north with the remain of the country. Strengthening the affirmation of Iran Alves of Mosque, it is since: (…) With this intention number 34,132 was created through the decree, of 09 of October of 1953 the ESPVEA (Supervision of the Plan of Economic Valuation of the Amaznia) that it had the purpose to promote the development of the farming production and the integration of the region the national economy, therefore, this part of the country met isolated and underdeveloped very. .