Below The Widower Of The Dictatorship

The country lives the full democracy, with the freedom at certain moments being led to the nonsense. But, happy we are with it, and unfortunate person without it we will come back to be, if to allow the freedom of some saudosos to believe that the finger in you laughed and the figurehead still causes some fear or distrust of that let us make what the decency and the good character allow in them. The military dictatorship already has times mofa in the trunk of history. However, the bad one I smell that it exhaled since its beginning in the blow of the milicos, in 1964, still entorpece some illing-inform. They do not know that it finished? already it has some years? the double order of ' ' I arrest and arrebento' '. Cause loathing to see that some were not aperceberam of the reality. Sad they, and happy we.

We know and we like to face of clean face the flavor of the new times. Without the past is not we shameful or motivador of inferiority feelings. We are not in search to rescue a pretense respect, because this never existed. Fear and respect are very distinct feelings. Not they are collated and nor of far they can be compared.

It is respected man, the correct, conscientious citizen of its function inside of the society. It is feared crossbow-fera that if makes noticed for the truculenta presence, treats to all with carrancudo and threatening air. In these the humanity presence is something impossible to notice, and the animalescos gestures perhaps, in the horrible gone times (and that they do not come back more), they were something astonished that them in done not less nojentos and disgusting that had marked the age of gold of the dictators. To arrest, to torture, to point, to aim and fire. To kill. It is a sad event that for the smallness of practised who them only has that to be fixed in the rich wall of national history as a very small reminder of people of the same so great of this tragic episode, whom they had been the destined years ' ' aquartelar' ' all a Nation. They had lost and the signal is opened for us that we are grateful to the taste of the democracy. Flavor that compels in them to the moral and historical duty to reject, furious, all and any indication of that in the seio of the free Native land rasteiros thoughts are cravados, desirous of impelling in them to silence, in them to steal the capacity to act freely, to think and if to express. We are children of the dictatorship. we are not unhappy for having fought for the democratic freedom. It is the legacy to our children, now children of the democracy. is very good thus for continuing and for walking of this form for the eternity of the coming generations.