Borussia Dortmund and E-plus start with common prepaid HandyCard. The Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund is always good for a surprise, and that you can sell also other products with the name of a famous Club, not only has been known since the Bavaria SparCard. Now there are the first big cooperation between a football and a mobile provider. BVB and E-plus offer on 23 July a mobile phone prepaid card called BVB FAN FON. The prepaid card in the network of E-Plus is completely in the Zeischen of the BVB 09. So euros the Starter exactly 09 and includes of course already 09 euro starting balance, the SIM card itself there is therefore virtually free.

But it goes further: the BVB FAN FON calculated exactly 09 cents for every minute of conversation and also a SMS only 09 cents and this costs in all German networks. Since it is dealing with a so-called tariff, the concept also in the mobile data transfers continues, here 100kb cost also 09 cents. Such a value looks good though and underlines the concept, in contrast to the cost 90 cents per megabyte transferred are not particularly favorable for voice calls and SMS. But what a real FAN of Borussia Dortmund wants to be FON, must of course offer more than a plan with many nines in it and just does it. So users of the Borussia Dortmund HandyCard can on the BVB mobile portal under free surf, learn so always and everywhere about the Borussia, without having to pay a cent for it. Another extra is the BVB NetRadio delivering via audio stream live coverage of the Bundesliga games.

This service is however not free of charge, but fails with 99 cents per day of use to book, which will be sure not too much for a true fan, which in time has succeeded in the stadium. “Recently, there is also the possibility the answering of BVB legend and Stadium spokesman Norbert Dickel” speak to, what again is a nice gimmick. Ultimately the BVB FAN is is exactly what it wants to be an interesting prepaid HandyCard for Borussia. The fare is for a Prepaid card quite favorable, but also nothing special and therefore elsewhere even somewhat more cheaply. But what is a genuine Borussia Dortmund fan for the FON is the BVB FAN just right.