Chief Student

Although formally we reserve the right not to be restored, the practice shows that the recovery – not problem. Sabbatical leave retains student status. While on leave, he may transfer to another university, in the case of the deductions he should be restored there. A person on leave does not lose delay, but sabbatical to go back within the specified period, and there is, of course, is not returned, but the majority still comes back. The most exotic deductions in my memory – a student Diacov. One day in December, Chief engineer, coming from the physics department, he heard cries: “Help! Help me! ” Along the eaves of a 5-26 5-27 moved the student. Together with the duty policeman chief engineer at one moment was on the fifth floor. The student was standing on the windowsill.

In the classroom were two students who said they just came in and did not know. The student was immediately expelled because they did not want to tell the truth. In considering such cases it is important to understand the motivation of the act. The student wrote two explanations. Both were absolutely not an adequate explanation of misconduct.

He was expelled from the wording of ‘bad conduct’. Even the trade union committee of students did not want him to intercede. Later it was restored under the contract (for principle – the nonsense you have to pay).