Classified Notices

One of the most lucrative of the news media traditional writings were classified ads until a while ago. With them they could channel quickly, sales of real estate, motor vehicles, etc. Today, interaction and the speed of publication and response, it have in internet classified ads, which emerge as the great competition to traditional journals. In recent years there has been the rise of online services of classified ads in Spain. Notices Classifieds on the Internet have had this overwhelming boom not only as a job but to buy and sell all kinds of products or services.

The boom that has had this kind of services, on sites like OLX, Mundoanuncio and Campusanuncios is also notorious in Latin America. These sites host classified ads generated by users in various locations around the world. They contain categories such as housing, jobs, vehicle, Motor, services, community, and contacts. They offer a service of classifieds in Spanish but with vocation International, allowing publishing and search ads worldwide. The user may choose to post your ad category to which it belongs, then a subcategory, passing to a full form describing your announcement with possibility to add photos, videos and links.

Then the listings are published automatically in some cases, and in others they go through a review and then published online. As for the service itself, these sites have a clear structure to sight, with a nice, simple visual appearance. OLX offers ads 100% free, including categories not only jobs and real estate, but also cars, general services and contacts or friendship. You can include videos and pictures in their ads. Also can search by neighborhoods, cities, and postal codes. Also offers the possibility of personalizing the announcement with various text styles (colors, emphasis, italic), will also have the option to comment on the ads of others to create a stronger community. Another site of great traffic in Spain is Mundoanuncio. Daily receives over 800,000 visitors coming from different parts of the world. Each day are published more than 20,000 new ads, which makes this page you can find the widest, across all sectors offer. From housing, cars, employment up contacts between people, pets, electronics, etc. A very strong community that year was growing in Spain. With the same characteristics, is another Web portal Classifieds free. It is available in Spain, also in England, Italy, France, Germany and South America. In this way, with thousands of options on the web, online classified ads have relegated to the written press to a second plane. And the benefits for the users are obvious: they are free, they reach thousands of people, can be customized, and sectorizar are. tuenti: map of friendship in Spain Yorokobu vehicles electric Spain increases incentives 90% of cars It manufactures Spain exported factories in Spain: must fall another 20% homes prices to exit