David Galeano Olivera

“Despite the repressions suffered throughout its history, Guarani is today more alive than ever. It was banned in some families and, until recently, those who spoke were a kind of punishment. Now there’s a more positive attitude towards the language, “he said. Galeano said that universities, students of law, medicine, journalism, psychology and letters have Guarani as a subject. And yet, students say there are better ways to teach it. “We have made our demands to the Ministry of Education on the need to improve education.

We proposed to improve the content, methodology, evaluation system and the literature in order to achieve the strengthening of the Guarani “he said. Galeano said that the support offered by the Paraguayan government is not enough.” There are over 25,000 teachers Guarani but not because the State has created courses for their training, “Galeano said.” Actually, it was because a private entity such as the Ateneo who does not receive State aid was responsible for creating center and put it in the service of the Ministry of Education. “Regina Rios, who recently graduated from high school, mentioned that burden for Guarani study is not enough. “We should give more time and interest to the Guarani as a subject within the educational system,” said Rios. “I finished school last year and I have learned almost nothing about the lack of practice and methods of education to offer the teachers. As Paraguayan believe we should value more the Guarani, for students to feel love true for the language. The Paraguayan Guarani should identify ourselves as patriots who love what truly ours. ” Many of the polkas and tha songs, two of the musical styles of folk music in the country, clearly expressed in Guarani.

The followers of these rhythms, such as Jose Gimenez, say they do appreciate and further Guarani. “Polkas and guaranias say many nice things in Guarani. One identifies with them because they speak our language daily” Gimenez said. “I identify with those songs. I do feel more sorry Paraguayan Guarani is something truly ours. “The Internet has given significant support to the preservation of the language. There are thousands of websites in Guarani, among which include Google and Wikipedia. National Film as” Hamaca Paraguaya “Principal Paz Encina, and shooting as the upcoming “seven boxes” Tana Schembori directors and Juan Carlos Maneglia were filmed entirely in Guarani. “Guarani is part of my identity as Paraguay,” said Florentin. “It’s part of our being, a symbol of belonging.