This language lessons dancing, sports and arts sections. The desire, in fact, very good, but in this case it is important that the child had seen the meaning of these classes, they liked him for a long time. And not necessarily to kid did all right, otherwise caring parents would not be fully appreciated. On the one hand, the child does not want to disappoint mom or dad refusing to walk in a circle, on the other – to walk in this same circle is just torture and uninteresting affair. This internal conflict leads to the child that he can appear nightmares, he began biting his nails, often without reason is a bad mood. Another type of over-expressed concern that parents protect the child from all difficulties of life.

They monitor every step (if done your homework, lay in portfolio books, etc.). But the child sees this attitude as the annoying interference with their life that is fraught with protests and distancing from their parents. And although everything looks OK, but in fact parents do not understand the inner world of the child. They do not want to recognize the independence of the child, trying to impose their desire and vision of the world. Very often, parents forget about the uniqueness of your child's personality, acting as a "perfect parent." But the child – an autonomous personality, which is fully entitled to their own preferences and solutions (even if sometimes wrong). And this person must be treated extremely carefully, to understand what she really wants. She creates herself, and in this way there are problems and difficulties.