– Education a lot of condensation. Typically, a large amount of condensate formed at low Flue gas temperature (below the dew point), which is associated with poorly insulated chimney. Often drain the condensate is due to improper design or lack of chimney flue in the construction of special element – kondensatootvoda. Chimney maintenance chimney system to work correctly, it is necessary to properly care for the pipes. Even if you have no problems working on the chimney twice a year, it is necessary to conduct of prevention inspection system, checking the tightness of the brickwork joints or connections of modular components. Do it best before and after the heating season. If the system does not always heat thoroughly, then after long periods of inactivity before to make a fire, make sure the flue is not blocked by soot, bird nests, etc. Also twice a year, need-Dimo clean interior surface of pipes with soot.

This is dictated not only by measures of fire no-risk, but the fact that when a layer of soot over a thickness of 1 cm, traction is reduced, which inevitably leads to fuel consumption. Steel pipes are less prone to the accumulation of soot, so they sometimes you can do one cleaning per year. Prochisku pipes is carried out with a metal brush on a long flexible handle. In some module-GOVERNMENTAL chimney has a special hatch that will facilitate the cleansing of the hard and flat sites located chimney. If you notice that the soot is formed too rapidly, it is said that in the chimney there are any defects or mistakes were made during installation. Derive through the chimney krovlyu.Chasto choice in deciding whether the withdrawal chimney through the wall or roof – choose the output through a wall because of a problem sealing the roof, thereby worsening thirst, complicated process of cleaning the chimney of the future, and external appearance chimney is not always pleasing to the eye. Sealing joints chimney-top.

Measure the exact angle of the roof. For stainless steel sheet 500 x 600 mm with an elliptical hole in the center of the weld seam continuous external piping under appropriate angle of the roof. When mounting this unit, as part of the chimney, is inserted into the hole, split in the roof, and a sheet ‘to overlap’ put another sheet, which in turn is brought under the roof ridge. Sheets fasten to sheathing with screws through the existing roof. If the roof is made of smooth iron, then razdelyvaya hole, the edges should be flanged outward at 10-20 mm. If made of corrugated iron, the flange is not required. You can also use the standard transition through the roof, which is designed for the roof angle 35 – 55o. Cutting installed on top of the chimney flue that passes through the roof. Tilt carried out by the cone of the tube. Tightness in the place of joining and cutting roof chimney pipe is achieved by an adjustable apron. To conclude our discussion of the chimney, I must say that properly selected and mounted chimney, will serve you for many years, and economical use of your fuel and give you a warm and uyut.