Fernando Person

It would not assume Fernando Person, if to put into motion in such meaning? Thus, God would not intervene with nothing, nor with the destinations of the men, nor in the intentions of these, nor in the idea that would have on God: That idea I of cousas have? That opinion I have on the causes and the effect? It would be part of everything, would be in everything, would exist in everything. After that, Fernando Person remembers a note of the Scrates philosopher, in that one celebrates phrase: I only know that nothing I know, when answers itself and its others: I do not know. This not to know, not to be cliente you are welcome, remembers the humildade; it is humble when this is said ignorant to everything e, it continues the poem, suggesting that Metaphysical for it would be in the capacity not to think, to only close olhos/E not to think.

He would also say that he has Metaphysics in running cortinas/De my window (but it does not have curtains). For this track following, we would suggest that Metaphysical for such writer, also he would be to desnudar of the desvestidas things already. It is not known, however, which things would be: all the things? To exceed is to pass beyond; to exceed; to raise itself. The poet could, to be if to strengthen in this direction: desiring to go beyond what it sees with the impudicos eyes, to go beyond what it feels this body banal, to advance beyond the immediate world of the coisificao that, unhappyly, the words can cause. This is the poet Fernando Person, that one that it would search to be owner of eyes to see and, that, for such, it would exactly make the opposite that if makes when it wants to enxergar, the poet it closes the eyes to see and it answers of itself for itself and for they outrem that, on these difficult things, these difficult questions, would be necessary to close olhos/E not to think.