How To Choose Baby Beds

Cots are sold separately and as part of a kit to a child's room. All cribs can be divided into two large classes for babies and pre-school and primary school children. Cots Baby equipped with high backs and secure sides, made from a variety of rails and slats. Important conditions for the crib: it must be well ventilated and be produced from clean, safe materials. Its framework should be made of solid wood or veneer quality, the mattress should be necessarily organic fillers which do not cause allergic reactions in children.

Covering the mattress should be of cotton or wool. Modern cribs may represent a construction in which the sleeper occupies the second floor, while the first consists of a table and a small locker. Also in recently become even more popular bunk cots. They are acquired and those families where one child – the second lowest tier is used as a place for kid games – kids really like this the design of their bed. In this case, you must provide complete security for your child – the upper tier should be equipped with high sides, and stairs leading to the second tier, must have handrails.

For all child furniture and cribs for particularly important condition – the absence of any sharp corners. It is a pledge of security for the child. In addition to these, popular and modern transforming the crib. For example, sofa-transformer can transform into a bunk bed. Cot can be extended to teenagers. Widely known as various sofa bed for children. Sofas with a sliding panel can "grow" with child. Conventional cribs (half the adult double) is still in demand. The child usually put them, or along the wall or other furniture inside. The children's wall bed – element, located among the cabinets, drawers, shelves and tables. All the questions and the location of the situation of child decide their own parents with their children. The bed is best to choose a child from the timber and plywood. For children's health will be useful solid parts construction of natural pine, alder and birch. For reasons of CPD is required certificate of hygienic safety of the product. It is also important that any part of the bed could cause the child allergic reaction. Original: How to choose a baby bed