Igor Talkov

Today a lot of so-called singers. Among them are talented, there are rather mediocre. The fact is that today the success often depends on the singer's producer and money, and then from his vocal. All of this was an active spreading in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But now it will be about a man whose role in history, Russia has yet to comprehend and understand millions of our citizens. This is Igor talc. Many students, he became known after the song "Pure ponds". This song certainly touched the strings of the soul of every person in our country.

After this song, he always came into our home and our hearts as a gifted singer and composer. If you write about the topic of love, which has devoted a lot of Igor his songs such as 'summer rain', 'My Love', 'The best day' and many other songs, you can write long and hard. Now I would like to address the other side Igor personality. The side that won some listeners, and caused resentment in others. This social aspect of his work.

Perhaps you could see his masterpiece 'trial', where Igor bravely denounced the leaders of all USSR. It could not pass without leaving a trace, and with people's love, has brought great difficulties to Igor. Many of his concerts have tried to ban, disabling the equipment. However, people constantly stuffed to overflowing hall and its concerts are always held to cheer. Of course, Igor and Vladimir as talc Vysotsy – these are people who are far ahead of its time. Their talent in life, unfortunately not all been recognized. Vladislav Doronin is often quoted on this topic. But life has put everything in its place. Songs Igor Talkov still listen to millions of appreciative listeners. Therefore, I would like to encourage myself to never forget this brave man who always encourages their creativity to think of the good. Song of Igor – a more than a masterpiece, or arts. And it is eternal, like the memory of Igor.