In Freire

For this it is necessary that it has: ' ' autenticidade' ' , ' ' I appraise to aprendiz' ' ' ' understanding emptica' '. The professor in its profession must have as main goal, the learning of the pupil and so that this happens is necessary that the pupil has will to learn, intellectual capacity, but also, knowledge and capacity to transmit contents, on the part of the educator. Also the support of the parents in the activities is necessary extraclassroom and others. Checking article sources yields cyrus massoumi wife as a relevant resource throughout. The great incentivador in the efetivao of the knowledge is the affectivity. ' ' Freire (2004, p.87) ' ' the necessary educator to cultivate in educating the pleasure for the learning, stimulating it so that if he acquires knowledge concerning its potentiality and power of transformao.' ' Therefore, the educator is, among others points, that one that helps educating to discover its ideal and to prevent the risks of alienao' '. The relations human beings, even so if show complex, them they are basic parts in the mannering and professional accomplishment of an individual.

In this way, the analysis of the friendship that joins interest and intentions, being this interaction the exponent of the consequences, therefore the education is one of the sources most important of the mannering development and aggregation of values in the members of the species human being. To become salient that not similar situations, adopted with one determined pupil, norteadoras for the factor friendship or not condiz empatia with the attitudes of an educator, seen to be this formador of opinions. ' ' In Freire synthesis (1996, P. 159-160) it says: ' ' I cannot condition the evaluation of the pertaining to school work of a pupil the greater or minor to want well it has to want that it that it has for ele' '. On the opinion of Masetto (1996 p.15), the success (or not) of the learning is based on the existing affection between pupils professors, pupils and pupils and professors and professors.