Jhon Edison Bueno Marti

Remember, what you have learned, you can unlearn. Whatever the situation which has come to you, probably you can get out of it. If your real goal is to have big dreams and live without limits, you can set it as your standard and compare everything he does with that standard. The three keys to live without limits have always been the same. They are clarity, competition and concentration. Clarity means that you are absolutely clear about who he is, what he wants and where he’s going. You write your goals and make plans to meet with them. You can set priorities and do something every day to move toward their goals.

Competition means that you start to be very, very good in the main areas of his chosen field results. That is dedicated to continuing education. It never ceases to grow. You realize that excellence is a goal in motion. And you yourself is committed to do something every day that allows you to become the best doing the most important things in his field. Concentration is to have the self-discipline to compel you to consciously concentrate only on one thing, the most important thing, and stay with him until the complete. The two key words for success have always been the focus and concentration.The approach is to know exactly what you want to be, have and do.

Concentration is perseverance, without deviation or distraction, in a straight line towards the things that can make a real difference in your life. When you are allowed to start having big dreams, creatively to abandon activities that are occupying much of your time, your attention and energies and focus them towards mitigation of its major restrictions, you will begin to feel an incredible sense of power and confidence. As it focuses on doing what you like doing and being excellent in the few areas that can make a real difference in your life, start thinking in terms of possibilities instead of impossibilities, and moves it increasingly closer to the full realization of their potential. Jhon Edison Bueno Marti original author and source of the article.