Manuel Barroso

At home, we learn to be citizens of first or second-class citizens. The true moral and civic, which is forged from the inside out; not that is formed from the outside inward, product of the external observance and the fear to the rigor of the laws, has been forged in the family. The school, the Church, the State and the community reinforce this process, but cannot be a substitute for what only the home can provide. The home is the center of formation, par excellence, of human beings. School, University or any other educational centre can replace wealth, potentiality and versatility that provides family life.

Education academic (school, University, etc.) provides technical and elements of general culture, in terms of theories, models and methods, necessary for the performance at work in our organizations, and for multiple orientations in the life. Other instances of society, as a means of communication and the State, acting as a complement of important weight in the formative process of future citizens; but the dynamics of family life which leaves the footprint imprint taxed under pressure, with indelible characters, in individuals, through maps, models, attitudes and behaviors observed and experienced, learned and codified through the family lives. Parents are natural teachers for excellence and home is the primal nature school to train people functional, responsible for themselves, aware of their needs and the other (when the family walks in a healthy and functional), in the two meanings of the term: as original and natural context and the environment fundamental and defining. This role cannot be, because a delegate to other actors and institutions; is not subject to outsourcing; fits large to domestic, close relatives, the State, or any educational center. There is no place like home for the formation of the human being. This is because how Manuel Barroso says it: A person cannot live or grow but within their contexts of growth that are natural laboratories of learning. .