Military Academy

Look in the mirror and see your shining eyes and you look radiant. Use self-help phrases. Do it every day. 29. Things which are, as you imagine it want to be better. Your family imagine it better. Imagine your job better.

That is, VISUAL? ZALOS better, closing his eyes and seeing what you want the best of what is now. He sees the future in a better world. Do it with faith, have the power to make that future better. Your mind is more powerful than you imagined. You have not known how to use. Never mind, now you'll use it wisely.

30. If you persevere and you are consistent in your aspirations, achievements since you're able. There are no limits to you, limits you put yourself. Build it from now on, every day. 31. As an example you have to Napoleon. He was number 42 of his class at the Military Academy. Ask yourself how many monuments and books have been devoted to that number 42, and if any of the other 41 in the academy were considered superior to Napoleon to be remembered. He had faith, viewed, felt and achieved a goal that will not go to comment on whether he was noble or not, but to appreciate what the mind could achieve. Assuming that your goals are just, logical and noble, no matter where you are now, because this is exactly the best place to initiate positive change in your life, will succeed the same way. 32.