Mobile Apps

Mobile technical documentation for equipment and machinery with solutions from Noxum service on machines and systems requires extensive technical documentation. These are the customers or other service personnel ideally digital on the machine locally available. Noxum assists companies in providing the Mobile documentation with its technical solutions. The Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, provides mobile solutions for the technical documentation. Thus, Noxum supports companies that want to reach your customers or technicians on mobile way to meet their information needs.

From Noxum solutions geared to the needs and circumstances of the customer. The challenge lies in the contents of each match to prepare and to spend in the desired information products: such as EPUB readers for the E-reader, as interactive PDF or mobile app HTML5-based Smartphone and tablet. Just mobile apps allow the Service technicians the ideal use of the Mobile documentation on your Smartphone or tablet. The camera of the mobile device, you can read the QR or bar code on the machine. The software detects the type of the machine, assigns a serial number and suggests the relevant documentation or knowledge areas structured on ontologies. The relevant content are then promptly on the mobile devices in the optimal resolution user friendly available. Moreover, availability of information – whether image gallery, product video, 3D images or additional information from the Internet – viewing individual components in high level of detail can be through the mobile. Are also specialized shop systems and shopping cart functionality integrated and connected, even complex ordering processes, for example, for spare parts completely and without media discontinuity can perform mobile.