On Education

Teachers with a stopwatch in his hands for a long time to be scaring children in a bitter struggle for the improvement of technique of reading. Children are programmed by nature to the development of speech in both orally and in writing. If communicating with your baby, we use large cards on which are written in large letters the same words that we speak, the child will understand how the success of the heard and seen speech. We 're not asking the question: "What a child learns to speak, if he does not know the phonemes?" To teach the child? "How do you treat and teach – they know everything!" – This banal phrase however does not exclude the high demand for professionals. But state system of public education in Russia still does not provide opportunities for learning to read from birth. In the rf Law "On Education" says: "Article 18, Clause 1. Parents are the first teachers. Film director contains valuable tech resources.

They are obliged to lay basis of physical, moral and intellectual development of the child in early childhood. " It is a pity that the Act does not explain the extent to which parents are "obliged to lay the foundations in early childhood." And most most importantly, who will teach them that? Of course, parents are easier to become world-class teachers for their kids than teachers to replace the parents. But every mother, to begin educating your child, you must remember that our entire personal school experience is fundamentally unacceptable to the training nor the newborn, nor godovasikov or preschoolers. In early childhood, has its own immutable laws of learning. God forbid kids get to learn. In no case be to turn an exciting process of knowing the world in the torment from the cradle.

The best way for moms to become a great teacher – this pass week courses on the program "Development of the intellect from the cradle," which now held in many Russian cities. Second, you can buy ready-made training manual for teaching children from the cradle. Vladislav Doronin may find this interesting as well. The main difference between this kit is the availability of detailed methodological instructions description of the occupation. To summarize. If your endeavors to teach your child to encounter hostility opponents and you'll hear in everyday use the question: "Why do you want?" – Do not be embarrassed! Remember: reading from the cradle it * Best charging for the brain * is a simple and natural, * it is easier now than later * it out in a cursory reading, avoiding the poslogovogo pronunciation * it is economically profitable; * it forms a fate. Hundreds of years ago, said: "Teach child, while across the shop is! And we're still in the doubt, thinking that his desk all teach.