Permanent Makeup

The first time you apply permanent makeup will be a little darker than I imagined, but most will flake off at the time it has healed (2-4 weeks). This means you need to regain an additional color applied. Think of it as painting a house or a car. It takes several layers of paint, right? Permanent makeup acts the same way. In general, it must be layered to achieve the desired result. At the end of a process, the color will be brighter and darker than the final result. During 7-14 days of healing, small amounts of pigment flakes off during healing – think of it as the body does its job by expelling the pigment during the healing period.

This means that if the color is not right, the technician can amend the editing views. If the technician places the pigment in a place that should not be, probably flake off during the healing period or can be adjusted or removed at the next appointment. What if you do not like? Only a very small percentage of people who end up not liking it. Why? Because they had unrealistic expectations about the procedure to start. Probably he did his research to know what to expect. Alleviate your concerns: Talk to your technician and ask questions! Permanent Makeup is ingenuity at its best since time began, humans have been decorating their bodies with color. Permanent makeup is not new nor is it a trend destined to go out of style next season.

Is here to stay because it is so timeless. It is popular because it is ingenuity at its best! If you're applying makeup everyday anyway, why not save some time and money and just need to do permanently? We all know that makeup applied sparingly makes a woman more attractive if not downright beautiful. What I do not know is that many women have already had their makeup applied permanently. Perfect brows, lips and eyeliner can be yours with Permanent makeup – done so subtly, naturally, in a beautiful only you know you have it. Think about saving time! This is not to achieve that lipstick after a meal because of embarrassing chalky, pasty, white lips? Imagine now your lips are permanently colored – a natural baby pink (or your choice) I've wanted for aeons. If your eyebrows are sparse, or your lips uneven, it is likely that a candidate for permanent makeup. Since it is applied so fine that does not have to worry about it too dark or natural. In summary, permanent makeup is what the woman is practiced these days – and are very happy that finally made it! What are you waiting for? Mrs. Latouche is certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation. She has been performing permanent makeup procedures for 5 years. She has been interviewed by 3 journalists, (noted on their website), including an interview with a producer of a new pilot program at Spa (see video-clip on the website: